Has today been productive?

In the past, I had always written for fun and my own sense of enjoyment, but since I decided to make the leap towards becoming a professional writer, I have found myself getting increasingly more concerned with how much writing I should be doing each day.

As it stands, being at the beginning of this journey means that I cannot support myself financially through writing alone. That means that I need to hold down my current job for the forseeable future and am limited on how much time that I can spend at the keyboard on any given day. After writing emails, sending off comments and queries to other writers, tweeting, blogging and responding to comments on my current project, how much time does that actually leave for purposeful writing? And let’s not forget that I am also trying to research ways of breaking into the publishing industry, too.

Between reading ‘Writing Magazine’ and scouring Twitter and Tumblr for writing resources, I find that twenty-four hours flies by much quicker in reality than it does in my head and I often question whether I have done ‘enough’ at the end of each day.

I have managed to put down about 12,000 words over the last few days and that does not take into account the above mentioned tasks, to include those would probably bring the total to somewhere in the region of 15,000 words. But is that enough?

It’s hard to know whether I am on the right path and whether or not I am devoting enough attention to the craft of writing. One thing that I do know is that I end most days in a state of exhaustion. That gives the impression that I’m giving it my all, doesn’t it?

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