When life gives you lemons…

Some say that it is foolish to write when one is feeling a little emotional, but I hold little faith in this notion. When I am feeling something deeply, it is emotion that inspires me to write, that need to get that which threatens to consume my heart out of my body and on to paper.

People have many coping mechanisms as a way of surviving the often perilous journey that we call life. Some drink, others smoke or indulge in some kind of unsavory activity. My coping mechanism? It’s simple. Writing.

When writing, I feel able to speak my mind, to know that I can say exactly how and what I feel, safe in the knowledge that I will not be judged for it. Writing enables me to tap into the unconscious side of my brain, reality becomes nothing more than a dull background noise as the voices and characters in my head take control.

Everyone needs an outlet in life to enable us to cope with what usually appears to be a daily grind. My writing is my escape into a world which I control, a land where I am the master of my own destiny. Perhaps it is with that in mind that I seek writing as my refuge, my safe place where I feel that my choices are no longer made for me.

Writing has become such a huge part of my life. A way for me to express emotions that I might otherwise find hard to convey, allowing me to make sense of a world that all too often seems harsh and confusing. Now, when life gives me a lemon I make damn sure that I squeeze every last emotional drop out of it in the hopes that it may well bring a little sweetness into my creative world.





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