A special day

Today is a day that I have been looking forward to for some time as it marks the occasion when I will finally be able to speak to a dear friend and fellow writer. We have only known each other for just under a year, but we have become firm friends during that time and have been brought closer by our shared love of the written word.

We live in different countries and continents, yet we seem to share very similar views and opinions on most things. When I read her emails, I always give her words a voice in my head as I imagine how her voice really sounds. Well, in less than an hour I shall know just what she sounds like and whether my imagined tone and accent was anywhere near accurate!

I am filled with excitement and also a little bit of fear. We seem to get on so well through written correspondence, what happens if my dear friend finds that, in reality, that I am a terrible conversationalist?

My friend spurs me on to become a better writer and had it not been for her encouragement, I would have likely given up on writing before it ever got the point that it turned from an enjoyable pastime into a passion. I hope that I eventually manage to make something of my writing skills (whatever they may be) and if I do, I know that I will always owe a huge debt of gratitude to my closest pal.

So thank you, friend. You mean the world to me xxxx

(You know who you are!)



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2 responses to “A special day

  1. I am sure your friend feels the same about you. One of the wonderful things about writers is their ability to convey what is in their hearts with grace and affection. This post reflects that beautifully. It also reminds us that distance is no barrier to friendship with like-minds come into close and meaningful contact.

    Your friend is a fortunate woman to have found a friend in you.

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