Thoughts for Friday: 27th December 2013


This week’s quote comes from an author that some folks might not have heard of before. Carson McCullers is perhaps best known for her first novel: The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, published 1940 when she was just 23 years old, a novel that was later adapted into a film in 1968.

As regular readers may be aware, I do not choose quotes based on the popularity of the author but on the validity of the words they have spoken. McCullers work often depicted the unfathomable nature of human love and the complexities of such an emotion, something that speaks to me very clearly in my own journey as a writer.

McCullers also had battles with depression, physical illness and alcoholism. She died at the relatively young age of 50 and one wonders if she could ever have reached the same emotional depths had she not struggled so desperately in her younger years. This quote speaks to me of her desire to free herself from the constraints of what must have been quite a challenging life by dreaming – consciously dreaming of being someone or somewhere else.

All writers must dream, otherwise there is no story to speak of. No plot to pluck from the inner recesses of your mind and set down on paper. Writing fiction is an exercise in fantasizing, choosing exactly what it is that we want our characters to do. Writing is a form of dreaming out loud. The kind of dream that can be controlled by the writer themselves, allowing the author to be the master of their own destiny.

Writers may be dreamers – and conscious dreamers at that, but what is life without the ability to dream?

Pretty darn boring, I’d say.



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6 responses to “Thoughts for Friday: 27th December 2013

  1. Dream on, Heather. A life without dreams is no life at all. Right?

    Good Morning!

  2. Ah, Carson McCullers – one of my favorite authors. Writers, poets, artists, lyricists, musicians – all are dreamers. They seek to make tangible what is intangible. Thanks for another thought-provoking quote!

  3. The quote you chose is a haunting one. Is everything a dream, like Alice In Wonderland?

    • Thanks for your comments, Mark.
      I think all writers are dreamers and that life itself is but a dream, one in which we can have some manner of control over our destiny. I wish my life and dreams were as trippy as Alice in Wonderland! 😆

      Heather xxx

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