Thoughts for Friday: 3rd January 2014


Ok, I admit that the owner of this week’s quote is not really a writer in the creative sense of the word. James Altucher is more well known for his playing of the stock markets and managing hedge funds than he is for writing. But the guy has written eleven books – which is far more than I have – and so I shall bow down to his superior knowledge about the craft (even if his books are mainly the type of motivational jargon that my wanna-get-rich-quick father seems to lap up.)

Alas, I digress from my original point – which is to say that the above words from Mr Altucher have a great deal of merit when it comes to writing. I carry a small notebook with me everywhere (except in the shower – the pages would get wet,) and I write down even the smallest inkling of an idea as it crosses my furrowed brow. I may look back at some and laugh at my folly that I could ever make a bestseller out of a coffee machine that talked, but at least they are ideas and ones that I have given a chance to live and breathe as I jot them down in my ideas book.

I take this quote seriously and write down any idea that comes to mind, either during the day or night. Many of the ideas may be worthless but there is always a chance that I’ll find a diamond in between all of those rocks at some point….


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8 responses to “Thoughts for Friday: 3rd January 2014

  1. I always carry a pen and some paper too. Then there is also my samsung galaxi memo app. =)

  2. There’s actually a waterproof writing pad for in the shower! I saw it on someone’s blog wish list for Christmas and added it to my Amazon wish list but didn’t get it…. just may have to splurge on it! LOL

  3. I actually have one of those wetproof notebooks. It’s so expensive I that have a hard time convincing myself to use a page. I’ve used it a few times, though, and I found it protected my ideas well from both rain and spilled beer.

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