January Challenge – Week 3

Well, three weeks in at seems that I’m still going strong!

Week two was a bit of a slog at times but I am glad that I persevered and stuck with it as I am now starting to reap the rewards. Over the last few days I have found that my brain is becoming much better equipped at sitting down and getting on with the matter of writing when I want it to. It seems to have got into the habit of knowing that when I sit down in my study that my main goal is to open the creative gateways and just write. The shorter bursts of writing are still helping my creativity and giving me moments during the day when inspiration strikes and I find my story flowing in a completely new direction. Overall, I think this challenge has been a great one for me so far and long may it continue.


16/01/14: 943 – I absolutely hated writing at night in Week 2 and so I was determined that I would not repeat the same mistake this week. Instead, I chose to get up early and get my word count in before I went to work that day. Just under 1000 words for about 40 minutes work was pretty good I thought.

17/01/14: 1818 – A busy day with lots of little bits and pieces that needed doing around the house. I’ll take 1800 words though!

18/01/14: 2337 – A day of two halves. Having appointments and the like to attend to, I chose to write a small burst in the morning and then again in the afternoon. This seemed to work well and also allowed me to get a blog post up at the same time.

19/01/14: 2193 – I have to admit that I was a little distracted today by the fact that I had to get both of my mid-sized dogs in the bath for a damn good wash. Seriously, don’t ask……. Getting just as soaked as the dogs aside, I managed an hour or two of solid writing throughout the day.

20/01/14: 2694 – The ‘spits and spurts’ way of writing really seems to be working for me at the moment. I wrote a scene of just under 1000 words in the morning and then a longer one in the afternoon. Nicely sandwiched between a pleasant lunch with my mother I may add…..

21/01/14: 3238 – My best day of the month so far! Not bad considering that I also had an eight hour work day to contend with as well. Mind you, I have to admit that I was physically and mentally shattered by the end of the day. I slept like a baby though!

22/01/14: 1233 – A slower day for the word count, but still over 1000 words. I think this might just be my biggest week so far for words written 🙂

Total word count for the week: 14,456

Total word count for the month so far: 36,76


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10 responses to “January Challenge – Week 3

  1. Whoo hoo! I’m going to try and pace you but I fear it’ll ruin me. I don’t know how you’re holding up, Heather. Love the determination!

    Audrey xxx

    • I’m not sure ‘holding up’ is the right term, more like holding on by the skin of my teeth!

      I have to be honest and say that I don’t think I’ve ever felt this mentally and physically spent for a long time and keeping fit is part of my day job 🙂

      I felt quite rough at times during Week 2 but these past seven days seem to have found me on a roll, I’m hoping Week 4 isn’t a repeat of Week 2 otherwise I think I may write myself a mischief…..

      Heather xxx

  2. Wow, are your fingers sore from hitting all those keyboard strokes?? You are impressive! Way to go!

  3. Good for you Heather. Have you ever read the book “The War of Art”?
    Blessings =)

  4. I haven’t actually finished reading it yet. Your post made me think of it because you mentioned being a slog at times but that you persevered and made yourself do it. The author, Steven Pressfield, talks about breaking through the blocks and winning your inner creative battles. He speaks a lot about resistance and so the title goes, “The War of Art”. It’s an interesting read so far. I have been able to relate to it because of the ‘types’ of resistance, or the way that ‘resistance’ can impede us from really going forward in our creativity.
    Blessings =)

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