Thoughts for Friday 14th February 2014


This week’s quote comes from Thulani Davis, a writer who is perhaps not known to many, but this is something that I don’t feel should stand in the way of a great quote. Davis has written a number of screenplays, plays, novels and poems that some of you may have heard of.

The reason that I chose this particular quote is that although I find it amusing and slightly tongue in cheek, it is also very true. How many of us live with someone and have expected them to make allowances for us now that we call ourselves ‘writers’? For those who take writing seriously, much consideration must be given to our writing space, the times we write, the surroundings in which we practice our craft etc. To us, writing is all important, other things become secondary (such as housework, cooking, spending time with our significant other etc.).

How many times have we asked for peace and quiet, for our kids or other half to go take the dog for a walk so that we can get some writing done? I will admit to giving the evil eye to anyone who dares enter my writing room to interrupt me mid-flow. Do these mere mortals not understand that I am a writer with a potential best-seller on my hands?! 😆

Working on a huge writing project (such as a novel) takes time and dedication and likely makes us writers quite single-minded in our approach to getting the job done. Some of us are extremely fortunate to have the patience and understanding of those that we live with. Many non-writers may not understand the significance of writing and what it means to us and this can cause considerable strain on a relationship –  something that I experienced myself last year and was a determining factor in calling time on a friendship/relationship.

Just as we sometimes have to bully ourselves to make the time to write, we also have to ask for the understanding of those poor folk that reside with us, asking them to also suffer for our art as we create our finest masterpiece. Make sure that your potential other half is aware that he or she is not only sharing a living space with you but your novel/book too!

If your significant other does not understand or appreciate that sometimes you need your own space to write then one wonders how much longevity their will be in such a relationship. Isn’t loving someone about understanding their motivations and desires, compromising and bringing out the best in each other? Shouldn’t this be the basis for any meaningful relationship?

Issue them an ultimatum: ‘Love me, love my writing.’ Otherwise, your relationship may end in tears/divorce/custody battle for cat/dog/child.

And nobody wants that.


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11 responses to “Thoughts for Friday 14th February 2014

  1. My family and friends know that when I’m working on a book, I’m practically a hermit 😀 But they support me and I can’t appreciate them enough for that. Great post!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. I think it is fantastic that your friends and family support your writing endeavors, it certainly makes the journey of being a writer much easier when those around you understand the time and dedication that it takes.

      Perhaps there should be a quote: ‘Behind every great writer is a VERY understanding network of friends and family.’ 😆

      Heather xxx

  2. Heather,

    First, Happy Valentine’s Day! Second, yeah I stuggle with managing the writing time. It is so hard when writing is all I can think about. So much to think about. Thanks for writing about this topic today. It resonated with me.

    Go hide in your room and write, my friend!! Have a cuppa, too! And a chocolate biscuit.

    Audrey xxx

  3. I’m fortunate – my husband is very supportive of my writing. He even sprung for a new writing desk and laptop… and, oh year, a printer.

    Now if only he’d let me get that English Bull Dog…

    Great post, Heather. I very much like how you always find the perfect quote.

    • Thanks for commenting, Kate.

      I think it is wonderful that your husband is so supportive of your journey as a writer, he’s a keeper that’s for sure!

      I think you should keep working on him in regards to the Bull Dog….. 😆

      Heather xxxx

  4. Well, I’m pretty new to writing. At least writing anything that’s not a song. But I have already tasted the frustration that comes with not having the space and silence that I’d like to write. And I don’t even write lengthy stuff like books or a novel. I can only imagine what it must be like for you, or others that do.

    • Well, there is an awful lot of compromise that needs to take place! Luckily, I have the support and understanding of my loved ones and they respect my need to get my head down and write. I think the journey of a writer is a much harder one when you don’t have that support network backing you up.

      Heather xxx

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