Thoughts for Friday – 14th March 2014


This week’s quote comes from fantasy writer, Terry Brooks. Brooks is a man with more than 20 New York Times bestsellers to his name and over 21 million books in print – I dare say he knows a thing or two about the craft of writing!

This quote also relates to last week’s ‘Thoughts’ post in the fact that we must take advantage when our muse decides to visit us. We shouldn’t be sitting around, hording ideas and not allowing them to breathe and grow for fear that we’ll never generate another. When your muse visits – and she is always a fickle lady – you must grab hold of her tightly and refuse to let her go.

I have always found my muse the most bewitching of mistresses, often visiting me at the most inopportune of moments. My muse expects me to drop everything and to command my attention (which is not always a good thing when one is driving, operating heavy machinery etc.). I politely ask her to come back later – when I’m a little less busy, her reply is emphatic: ‘Listen to me now or lose me forever.’

Patience is not a virtue that is associated with the muse, she wants to be heard right here and right now. If you ignore her, she will exact her revenge by refusing to grace your creative front door for a while, reminding you that it is she who is in control and the master of your writing fate.

When the muse visits, you must do everything in your power to convince her to stay around long enough to provide you with the inspiration required to come up with a compelling piece of writing. Offer her tea and biscuits, flowers and candies……Hell, tie her down to a chair if you must. Above all else: MAKE HER STAY!

Because at the end of the day, the undeniable truth is that you need her more than she needs you.


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18 responses to “Thoughts for Friday – 14th March 2014

  1. Great post, and so true. My muse can be rather flouncy at times πŸ˜€

    • Thanks for reading and commenting πŸ™‚

      I love that you describe your muse as ‘flouncy’, that’s an ideal name for the shrill little muse in my head: ‘Fickle McFlouncy’ πŸ˜†

  2. Oh, that is soooooo true. We do need her more than she needs us. love how you painted this post Heather. I’ve even started to take paper and pen with me in the car. It sits there in the seat, just in case Ms. Muse decides to show up all of a sudden.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Staci πŸ™‚

      While I commend you for carrying pen and paper in your car with you, promise me that you won’t get a sudden jolt of inspiration from your muse while driving and take your hands off the wheel – that could be very dangerous indeed! πŸ˜†

      I think our muse likes to make it known that she has an advantage over us and flaunts the fact in our faces, laughing at our pitiful blank screens and pieces of paper as we weep like children!

      One day I shall learn to tie my muse down!

  3. I can definitely relate to this post… Sometimes I’m haunted by the shadows of ideas that I lost because I ignored my muse. I really like the way you put this!

  4. My muse is male. He’s about 6′ tall, dark haired… looks a lot like Rhett Butler. You can be damned sure I’ll tie him down to a chair!

    Seriously, another thought-provoking post. It is important to heed what your muse is saying.

    I try to pay attention to my muse when he shows up. I’m afraid if I don’t, after a while when I go looking for him, he’ll give me the cold shoulder… and say, “Frankly, Kate… I don’t give a damn!”

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Kate!

      Much as I would love my own muse to be in the form of Ryan Gosling, mine takes on the form of a shrill and mousey little woman that I have decided to call ‘Fickle McFlouncy’. Perhaps if my muse looked more like a hot movie actor I would be more inclined to let it distract me at inopportune moments, although somehow I can’t see using the excuse that Ryan Gosling distracted my from driving with a great idea would really stand up all that well in court πŸ˜†

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  6. Excellent post and great choice of quote! I have had the privilege of meeting Terry Brooks twice now. He is my favorite fantasy writer of all time.

    • Thanks for stopping by to read and comment, it is very much appreciated! I’m very glad to hear that you enjoyed the post and have been lucky enough to meet Terry Brooks in person πŸ™‚

  7. I think I’ve been able to pin my muse down a bit better over the past few years. One thing is I make sure I almost always have a pen and paper, or my smartphone. I also have found ways to repeat the idea or concept in my mind, replaying it and playing with it until I have a chance to write it down.

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my blog post, it is very much appreciated!

      I have a number of notepads, sticky notes and scraps of paper dotted around everywhere as evidence of my muse coming to visit. I very much like your idea about replaying an idea or concept over and over in your mind until you have the chance to write it down. i migjt have to try that one! πŸ™‚

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