My child

“I’m sorry, Mrs Black. We can’t detect a heartbeat.”

In that one moment, my world falls away. The air leaves my body in a pained rush. The brutal reality of the situation hits me.

My baby is dead before it even had a chance to be born.

My child, gone.

This piece is inspired by Vincent Mars Daily Post Writing Challenge to write a story in fifty words or less.

Dedicated to baby K. Rest in peace, little one.


Filed under Works of fiction

14 responses to “My child

  1. So sad. The worst words an expectant mom can hear. Very powerful.

  2. Very sad. And so many mothers go through this. I have a friend that lost her baby soon after being born.

    • Thank you for your comments, Staci.

      This was a hard piece for me to write but I felt the need to express the emotions of recent events. I wasn’t sure whether the brevity of the piece made the emotional impact a little too brutal.

  3. So few words but a huge impact. Very sad.

  4. Heartrending. This was my worst fear when my wife was pregnant.

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