Goals for 2014 – Mid-Term report

Mid-term report

My regular readers may recall that I published a post at the beginning of the year outlining five goals for 2014 that I hoped to achieve. You can refresh your memory by clicking here….

The fifth month of 2014 is already upon us and so I thought it would be fun to have an update on the status of my goals to see if I have managed to achieve any of them yet!

Goal #1 was to complete a lengthy project that I’d been working on for a number of months and one which would not be eligible for publishing. Well, thanks to a massive push during the first three months of this year, I finally managed to bring the project to a close in mid-March. Since then I have been concentrating on writing the kind of stuff that I could possibly get published and you know…..er…..get paid for!

Goal #2 doesn’t actually come into effect until November (with it being NaNoWriMo and all…..) Not to be deterred, I created a NaNo of my own in January and gave myself the goal of writing 50,000 words for the month. Several headaches, a hernia, and a loss of a kidney later, I did manage to reach the magic number. Shortly after that, my brain dribbled out of my ears and I spent most of February keening in the corner of a white-walled room like an injured deer.

Goal #3 hasn’t seen much in the way of progress I am afraid. Can I offer the excuse of being very busy as a reason for not getting round to this one yet? I’ll admit that I’ve looked at a number of college-based and long-distance creative writing courses, but they cost money, people! Unless I win the lottery, sell a lot of articles/stories in the next few months, or sell my last remaining kidney, this goal is going to be one for the future I’m afraid. Saying that, I believe the best way to learn the craft of writing is to actually read a lot and write a lot and I can usually do both of those for free (unless you count the money spent on coffee….)

Goal #4 hasn’t seen much progress either! Again, I’m citing my lack of funds and living the life of a frugal artist as a reason for not making much headway on this one. Writing retreats are very nice, and I have seen some lovely ones on offer, it’s just that I don’t have oodles of cash lying around to spend on one. Now if I could just win a writing competition or two, it might become a possibility in the future….

Goal #5 is something that I am happy to say that I’ve achieved! I have written a number of short stories that I am in the process of submitting to various publications and competitions with the hope that at least one of them will be accepted/considered. I also submitted a piece for a blogging pal of mine, Sarah Findlay’s Silver Glass Zine. This publication will be published in July and all monies raised will be donated to Action On Depression which I am sure you’ll all agree is a worthy cause.

I also joined Thain in Vain’s Flash Fiction 52 Challenge as a way to stretch my writing muscles. I am used to writing long pieces and so to only have 500 words at my disposal for a short story I am forced to rely on brevity and choosing my words carefully. It’s a great exercise and a fun and welcoming environment for anyone wishing to try their hand at Flash Fiction and I would encourage you all to give it a go.

Another blogging pal of mine, Don Charisma, recently offered an opportunity to become an intern at his wonderful site DonCharisma.org. I threw my hat into the ring and I am delighted to say that Don accepted me as his intern! I’m really enjoying the experience so far and I want to thank Don once more for allowing me the opportunity to take part.

So I’ve managed to make progress on three out of the five goals I set myself for 2014 – pretty good going I think. I still have another seven months to progress further with my goals and I am very much looking forward to seeing how much I can achieve by the time 2015 rolls around.







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12 responses to “Goals for 2014 – Mid-Term report

  1. That’s a good start to the year πŸ˜€ Well done!

  2. I think you’ve done pretty well so far. Very best of luck with the short stories πŸ™‚

  3. After several headaches, a hernia, and a loss of a kidney, I’m somewhat flabbergasted that you managed to do anything meaningful. Brilliantly done on your internship with DonCharisma. You clearly deserve to succeed in all your ventures.

    • Thanks Keith!

      I have to hold my hand up and admit that perhaps I was being slightly over-dramatic re the kidney and the hernia…. πŸ˜‰

      It’s been a very good start to the year for me and I hope I can keep the good progress up πŸ™‚

  4. Don’t keen little deer. πŸ™‚ You accomplished so much, with what sounds like a lot of road blocks. Goals tend to keep you on track, don’t fret if you haven’t completed them all yet. Your still pushing forward and checking things off, little by little. Great job!

    • Thanks Lindsay πŸ™‚

      I’ve made headway on three out of five of my goals and I’d have been happy with that at the start of the year. Still, I am a perfectionist and not making a start on the other two will bug me. If only someone could lend me lots of money….. πŸ˜†

  5. Well done Heather! It’s really encouraging to read other people’s goals and successes. Thanks for mentioning my zine as well πŸ™‚

  6. You accomplished a lot! Good job! You’re on your way, without a doubt. πŸ™‚

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