How Google Search Really Works – Heather B. Costa

This is the competition piece that I submitted for Don’s Intern Application process. Don has very kindly posted it on his blog to give everyone a chance to see what I came up with 🙂

Don Charisma

INTRO FROM DON – This is Heather’s submission for the intern selection process. In my view she’s done an extremely good job at writing about this subject. It’s also much more in depth than the article I wrote for comparison. In depth is a very good thing for serious readers, and allows more keywords to be placed. It reads smoothly and consistently from start to finish.

How Google Search Really Works by Heather B. Costa

Google. One of the largest and most popular search engines on the internet. The World Wide web is such a vast and daunting place that all of us – at one point or another – will use a search engine to find the content we’re looking for.

Even if you’re not a webmaster or a blog owner, understanding how Google Search works is an invaluable skill that will save you time, effort, (and possibly money) in the long-run. We’ve…

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6 responses to “How Google Search Really Works – Heather B. Costa

  1. What a well-written article, Heather. You know me: my eyes glaze over at first glance when I come across an article regarding internet technology, but I not only managed to stay focused on this one, but found it very interesting. You may yet teach me a trick or two when it comes to internet technology!

  2. An incredible article, no surprise you won!

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