May madness!

Well, it seems that May is certainly going to start with a bang for me!


Not only have I been accepted as the lovely Don Charisma’s intern, I have also recently gained a promotion of sorts in my real-life job. It involves a fair bit of traveling each day but is worth it for the experience and extra knowledge I’ll gain. And you know, a little extra money in my pay packet doesn’t hurt either…..

Not only are things going pretty well professionally, I will be moving home in the middle of the month and am very excited by the prospect of leaving the relative safety of the family nest. I thought that it would be a fun idea to track my progress through my blog and keep you guys updated on how things are going.

moving home

There are so many different things to consider, accounts to organise, direct debits to be set up, furniture etc. to be purchased, delivery of white goods to be arranged….. The list seems to be endless! Speaking of lists, I’m cracking open the trusty Excel spread sheets to help me keep track of what needs to be done, purchased, signed etc.

I’m very excited – as well as also being very nervous – I think it’ll be an excellent opportunity for me and that I’ll be very happy to finally have a place that I can call my own (no offence, mother, you know I love you!) It’ll be weird at first but I think I’ll very much enjoy having my own space.

I have a prospective moving date of May 15th and will of course post pictures of my new home once I’m set up and settled in so that you can see just how a poor, starving artist like myself really lives….

I hope that you’ll join me on an exciting month ahead, I have lots of things in the pipeline and it’ll be a hectic but hopefully enjoyable time. I’ll do my best to keep up with posts, comments etc. but if I take a day or two to respond it’s purely because I’m running around chasing my tail!


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12 responses to “May madness!

  1. I’m very excited for you, Heather, and I shall look forward to more information. Whether its your first or your thirtieth, moving home is always a big deal; stressful, but ultimately in a good way. On our last move, we were half way between England and France, our destination, when the ForEx company called to ask if I could let them have a letter confirming the ID of the payee. They needed it by email or fax THAT DAY, before they could send the money to buy the house. My PC and all my stuff that we didn’t need for the journey had left the previous day on the removal truck!

    • Thanks Keith, this will be my first move and I am finding the process both daunting and exciting at the same time.

      I never realized just how much effort goes into moving home and I’ll be glad when it’s all over and done with!

      And I think you may have just frightened me even more with your comments re your last move…. 😮

      • I certainly had no intention of causing alarm. I think you would need to be moving to a different country with a different currency (and a dim-witted clerk at the Forex company) to fall foul of that one. In the end, a phone call to my account manager sorted it out.

      • I’m glad that you managed to get it all sorted quickly. It kind of makes my having to arrange things such as a TV license and utilities bills look a bit menial! 😆

  2. Hey Heather, congrats on the promotion 🙂 Don

  3. Thank God for those spreadsheets – you’re gonna need them! A lot of excitement in May, and all good. Congrats, friend. 🙂

  4. Woo Hoo! How exciting Heather. Your promotion doesn’t by any chance include my son’s school does it? Just kidding. I’m sooooo longing for better education for aspies here in north-east Brazil. I’m going to Canada in June and will be seeking out as much info as possible.
    This will be so fun and exciting, moving into your own place. I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.
    Hugs, Staci

    • Thanks Staci!

      It is very much an exciting time ahead for me – if a very busy one! Sadly, my promotion won’t take me as Brazil (at least not yet, anyway!) but I am always happy to provide any assistance or support to you that I can via the internet.

      How is your son doing at the moment?

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