How to spend even more money….. Or ‘Moving Home – Part 2’

moving home

If only moving home was this simple….

Right, I’ve got the big stuff ordered and organised for delivery on my moving date. Now comes the little stuff that most of us take for granted. I charmed my mother into coming with me to a local supermarket in order to price up some of the things I’ll need for my new home.

I’ll admit now that I’d never really considered just how much stuff a person needs to have a living space that is functional for every day needs. Just a quick whizz around the shop made me realise that the ‘small stuff’ was going to be a rather large expenditure in itself:

• Refuse bin x 2 (one for normal rubbish and the other for recycling)
• Cutlery tray
• Dish drainer
• Ironing board
• Iron
• Clothes air dryer
• Dustpan and brush
• Washing basket
• Hoover
• Toaster
• Kettle
• Bath kit (toothbrush holder, hand soap dispenser etc.)
• Toilet brush – because you really can’t live without one of these….
• Towels
• Pots and pans
• Bread board
• Knives
• Tea towels
• Cutlery
• Bread bin
• Microwave
• Wall clock
• Bookcase
• Storage units

Now I know that I’ve probably missed a fair few items off of that list and will no doubt realize that when I actually move in to the property itself. But for now, I think I have enough items to see me through at least the first few weeks of living on my own.

As mentioned previously, I will cobble together old pieces of crockery and sets of glasses, mugs etc. that are no longer being used where I currently reside and so that will take care of those kinds of essentials. I’ve also been on a charm offensive with my nearest and dearest, dropping subtle hints that they might want to help me out by purchasing a small ‘apartment warming’ present for me.

I haven’t even got to the first grocery shop and am planning to cross that bridge nearer to my move in date. In the meantime, I am stealthily sneaking tins of food from the cupboards of my current abode when no one else is around, hoping that they won’t notice that I’m steadily relieving them of their tinned goods…..


Because I look great in leather….



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16 responses to “How to spend even more money….. Or ‘Moving Home – Part 2’

  1. It really is staggering how many things that you just use and don’t really notice, until you have to buy them yourself.
    The only glaring omission I spotted was an Espresso machine. I have one, and a Senseo machine and a kettle, just in my study!

    • They were the first things that I packed, Keith! 🙂

      I made sure that my trusty Tassimo and cappuccino machines made it safely to my new home and they now have pride of place in my kitchen.

      It is frightening how many things that one needs in order to set up home. It’s very expensive too!

      There will be more posts on my move coming soon….

  2. I think sneaking small tins and spices wherever you can from your current abode is a brilliant idea. I even did it after moving out at times, “Mom, you have two of these. You don’t really NEED two of these. Do you?”. It works every time!
    It is very expensive all at once. But soon, it will be all yours and all worth it!

    • I’ve just begun the moving in process today and although it’s been a manic 24 hours, I am very excited to be in my new home! 🙂

      The larger pieces of furniture are still missing, but I have a camp bed and my white goods have just been installed and so my new place is definitely ‘liveable’ until my other stuff comes on Saturday.

      And of course, I just HAD to get my broadband, phone and TV services working straight away!

      • Of course, I don’t know how you would survive without broadband. I mean…really.

        Glad you are all moved in and getting settled. It will be fun to see the larger pieces fill your home and really make it yours! ENJOY!

      • LOL, I can live without creature comforts for a few days, but no broadband? NO WAY! 😆

        I slept on a camp bed last night which was surprisingly comfortable. The big stuff is coming on Saturday and then it will be a case if shifting it all around until I get everything where I want it 🙂

      • It will be great and beautiful! Can’t wait to hear how it goes:)

  3. Good heavens! One forgets how many things are needed when setting up one’s home for the first time. I have tons of stuff – shall I fly it across the ocean to you? 🙂

    I really enjoy these updates about your move, Heather. It’s fun to share in your excitement. The Catwoman photo made me laugh – how appropriate for your new venture into residential crime. 😉

    Happy moving day on Thursday! I can’t wait until your next post – I’m sure you’ll have some interesting stories to share about the actual move.

    • Oh, I’m going to have some stories to tell, alright! 😆

      It’s been a stressful and tiring day and I still have to go out and get groceries yet…. There will be more posts on the subject of my move coming very soon.

      And yes, please feel free to donate any items you can! 😆

  4. I can truly empathize. I still have towels from when I first got married (10 1/2 years ago) because there is always some other priority other than new towels. The small stuff really does add up. Hang in there.

    • Thanks Staci!

      I’ve survived my first night in my new place (on a camp bed, too!) and have just had my first breakfast. It’s going to be a case of a lot of ‘firsts’ in the next few days. I did my first grocery shop yesterday and spent more money that I’d envisaged I would. I got distracted by beautiful candles that I thought would look good in my new place 🙂

  5. Yes, the first place must be furnished and stocked piece by piece and item by item. Tin by tin, too, as you say about the food items over there on your side of the ocean.

    I have a feeling that all of the relatives will pitch in with any “extra” household items they’ve had stored in their nooks and crannies and basements and attics once word spreads that you are in need. Their junk can become your junk and 40 years from now it can become your kid’s junk!

    Good luck, have fun, and I look forward to reading about your adventures!

    • Thanks Mark!

      The first home is always going to be the most expensive one, what with having to buy literally EVERYTHING! Still, I have managed to beg, steal, and borrow a number of items from friends and family and have had some lovely home-warming gifts given to me recently.

      I have a number of posts in the works regarding my adventure into the unknown. As soon as everything is unpacked, I shall start posting 🙂

  6. And the list goes on. 😀

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