Packing your life into little boxes – Moving Home Part 3

In the run up to my actual moving date, I’ve had a hell of a time trying to get things sorted. Honestly, who thought such a simple thing as moving all of your worldly belongings from one space to another could be this stressful!

The day after the Bank Holiday weekend, I was straight on the phone to sort out my tenants insurance which thankfully went through without a hitch. It was then a case of emailing to documents over to my real estate agent to prove that I had taken out some pointless (but apparently necessary) insurance on my new home.

The next job was to actually buy all the little stuff that a person’s first home really needs. You know, the important stuff like a toilet brush, loo rolls, that kind of thing….. I have to admit that I took for granted how well stocked my old home was with crockery, glasses, cutlery and the like. Let’s not forget the essential things like a microwave cooker, toaster and kettle either….

Armed with a list as long as my actual arm, I pushed a trolley around the local grocery store on the hunt for the kinds of items I’d need to set up my new home. In terms of kitchen appliances, I had but one stipulation when it came to choosing what I wanted: it just HAD to match the colour of my beloved coffee machine.

Have you any idea how hard it is to find all of your kitchen appliances in that glorious deep red colour of my beloved DeLonghi coffee machine?

Well, it wasn’t actually that hard really, I found most of it pretty quickly! Thank God I hadn’t chosen Cerulean Blue when I bought the coffee maker last year. Now that would have been an issue as far as colour coordination goes….

Having got the bigger items sorted, I sauntered around the store picking the more menial items up such as waste paper bins, sink drainers, cutlery trays etc. I’d naively believed that a couple of pounds here and there wouldn’t add up to all that much when I finally got to the checkout but I nearly had a coronary when the final total came up.

How can that much plastic cost so much?!

I’d also underestimated how many trips it would take me to ferry all of the stuff from the back of the car and into my soon to be vacated accommodation. I had bought so much stuff that I’d managed to fill two fair-sized rooms with all of my ‘essential’ items and had rather incurred the wrath of my poor mother as she repeatedly tripped, stubbed her toe, or swore as she found her path blocked by my new belongings. I gave her the puppy-dog eyes but found they only worked for a day or two before she began forcefully moving certain objects with her feet as she struggled to get past them. I won’t even go into the fact that she caught me stealing tinned goods from the cupboards (damn my mother and her cat-like grace!)

2014-05-09 13.50.35


2014-05-09 13.54.29

Some more stuff

2014-05-09 13.54.32

Even more stuff…

2014-05-09 13.50.29

How much stuff?!

When you’re packing your belongings up it always pays to have a number of empty boxes on hand in which to put stuff in. I returned to begging, stealing, and borrowing cardboard carriers from every poor person who had the misfortune to come across me in the week leading up to my actual move. Joining the piles of newly-bought items were now stacks of boxes full of the vital things I’d need in order to survive in my new home. You know, things like DVDs, books etc. – the vital things in life.

2014-05-09 13.54.39

DVDs and books = Essential items!

2014-05-09 13.54.35

More essential items…

The process of packing stuff up had to be squeezed in here and there around my hectic work schedule and this usually meant a quick hour in the morning or the evening whereby I pared all my belongings down to just the things that I’d need in the last few days running up to my move. Stuff like my smart phone charger (because that battery NEVER lasts for more than 24 hours without dying on me), my iPad charger (because I’d simply die if my tablet ever ran out of juice!), and clean undies (you never know when you might get hit by a bus)

Packing my clothes up was the most laborious element of the whole week; who knew that I had that many clothes?! I did give a fair amount of clothes to the local goodwill but still had two large holdalls-worth of threads to take with me.

And that was it. All packed up and ready to go……or so I thought.



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17 responses to “Packing your life into little boxes – Moving Home Part 3

  1. And yet it only scores 20 on the Holmes and Rahe stress scale. Retirement scores 45. I did retirement first, and house move (OK, to a different country) a few months later. I would have given retirement a zero or even a negative value. Moving home warrants a lot more. Still wishing you well with your move.

    • I think someone should have a word with Holmes and Rahe then as they certainly haven’t experienced just how stressful moving home really is 🙂

      Thanks for the good wishes, Keith, I still have a few more posts on the subject to publish in the coming week or so….

  2. Blimey, sounds like a lot! I can imagine you must be very stressed out! Remember to try and think of it as an adventure 🙂 Hard now, but it might help.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      It’s been a stressful few weeks and has now seen me catch a cold. I’m now stressed, tired and feeling poorly to boot. Remind me NEVER to move home EVER AGAIN. 😆

  3. Hi Heather,

    I am greatly enjoying these looks at your moving process. You’ve taken something that can be overwhelming and stressful and created an amusing adventure out of it. Your photos made me smile – you never realize just how much ‘stuff’ you have until you begin to pack it up!

    Keep up the good work with this series about your move. They are interesting pieces and great fun to read (and, maybe, helps you keep it all in perspective in amusing fashion!).


    • Thanks so much, Kate! 🙂

      I think I am one of those people who feel compelled to make light of stressful situations, otherwise I would likely cry at how horrible and overwhelming it can be.

      I was alarmed at just how much ‘stuff’ I’d managed to accumulate over the years and how hard I found it to actually throw some of it away.

      There are more posts to come in the ‘Moving Home’ series and I swear that all of the events that I speak of in them did actually happen. It’s all fact and no fiction – I promise! 🙂

  4. Just taking time to catch up on some blog reading – didn’t know you were moving! Looks like I really need to catch up on your posts 😉 we just put our house up for sale ourselves and I’m spending lots of time decluttering and trying to simplify. Some things are easy to ditch…others not so easy. I’m glad my husband’s workplace is helping with cost of moving when it happens because I detest the packing part!

    • Oh, I feel your pain! 🙂

      Packing up and moving has been a challenge in itself and I’ve half a mind never to move home ever again! I suppose I would have found it much less stressful if I’d taken a few days off of work to sort my move, but alas I tried to do it all in one day and have now ended up catching a cold from running around trying to do too many things at once.

      Good luck with your move, I’d love to hear how it goes! 🙂

  5. When it’s all unpacked and all in place and all yours to make of what you will … That will be a feeling to relish and write about, Heather.

    • Thanks Mark 🙂

      I’ve been in my new home for a week and am slowly getting everything sorted. I never realised just how much stuff there was to do when moving from one home to another. Now that most of my stuff is in my new place, I am now trying to battle through the task of notifying all concerned parties about my change of address, and it is turning into a LONG list! 🙂

  6. Ugh! Gotta love moving and all of its er joys? It really is an exciting experience, moving into your own place for the first time. However, I don’t envy the packing and clutter part. And especially not the weeding out and decision-making part. Have you got yourself totally unpacked now?
    (I know, it’s a long shot.:-)

    • Hi Staci,

      Not totally unpacked, no. I’m maybe about 3/4 of the way unpacked now but have had a busy week at work and not spent very much time at home (apart from to sleep!) I still have a few pieces of furniture to purchase and some stuff to pick up from my old home, but I’m hoping to complete that this weekend.

      I’ve been battling a sore back and a nasty cold but I suppose that’s what I get for trying to do too many things at once! 🙂

  7. sf

    Packing to move is always such hard work. Moving boxes of books is often one of the heaviest. I’m so relieved I now live on the 1st floor of an apartment. Moving up and down stairs with heavy stuffs could kill a person, I say. :oD

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