I’m So Pleased!

Sarah’s zine is going to be fantastic and I’m delighted to be in such talented company. I’ve had a sneak peek at Kate’s submission and I know that you’ll all love it 🙂

Odyssey of a Novice Writer

trumpet fanfare

Earlier this week, I received word from Sarah Findlay (Geek With A Pen) that my story, “Mornings Are Hardest,” has been chosen for inclusion in her upcoming one-off zine, “Silver Glass,” a literary and arts zine centered around the theme of mental illness. All profits from the zine’s sale will go to Action on Depression, a charity based in Scotland.

This is my first submission anywhere, and I am pretty excited to have my story included among those chosen for “Silver Glass.”

The story, “Mornings Are Hardest,” depicts the feelings of a woman caught in the throes of depression after a shattering event changes her life forever.

I’d like to thank Sarah for the opportunity to promote a sympathetic understanding of depression, and for the vote of confidence she’s given me by choosing to include “Mornings Are Hardest” in her zine, which will be available sometime during the…

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