The Before Times

This is a stunning piece of work from a highly talented writer. She’s destined for big things, mark my words.

Odyssey of a Novice Writer

My Arctic Princess

Huddled in front of the fire, he listened to the wind’s relentless whistling as it whipped past his house. Its music was a constant now, the silence of stillness a vague memory. The slapping noise made by the tarp as it beat against the shattered window was a lullaby, a repetitive rhythm that urged him toward sleep. But not yet.

Not yet.

Tightening the scarf wrapped around his throat, he tried not to shiver. The flames held his attention, and he watched them with the same fascination he had previously reserved for the financial forecasts that had once flashed across his computer screen.

But that was a long time ago. A lifetime ago – during the Before Times. He tried not to think about the Before Times too much.

The small fire he tended was almost lost in the cavernous opening of the huge fireplace.

It had been the fireplace…

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  1. Thank you for the reblog, Heather. ❤

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