The Day of Reckoning – Moving Home Part 4

I’d always thought two weeks would seem like a lot longer than it actually did. May 15th came round alarmingly quickly (too quickly for my liking). Oh God, I still had so much left to do the night before I actually moved that I spent most of it tossing and turning in my bed. I even had a dream about my fridge freezer and washing machine – due to be delivered to my new address on moving day – never actually making it to my new home.

Yes, seriously. I had a dream that my fridge freezer and washing machine ended up getting delivered to someone else. I then had the same dream with a slight variation in that the goods made it to me but were too wide to fit through my front door. I think my subconscious might have sifted through every conceivable cock-up that might happen the following day.

I’d picked the keys up to my new home in the afternoon of May 14th, mainly because the rather unhelpful people at the electrical store told me that I couldn’t arrange a timeslot after I’d paid for my goods and that I should have done so at the time of purchase. Well, that’s all well and good when you’re actually OFFERED that service at the time of purchase – I wasn’t.

I explained this to the nice young lady on the phone, yet she was unrepentant and resolute in her stance that my delivery date could not be changed (if I arranged to have it delivered on the 16th I could arrange for a specific four-hour window) but other than that, there was nothing she could do. I’d rung up a good week or so before my delivery had been due to take place and I questioned her on the logic of being able to change the date and a specific delivery time slot for every other day EXCEPT the one day that I actually wanted. She didn’t have an answer for this quandary and instead advised me to go back to the store, cancel my order, get a refund and then re-order the same goods to be delivered on the 15th in a specified time slot.

Sod that, I thought, and so I phoned the real estate agent and asked if I could move my contract signing date forward a day. Thankfully, they were much more accommodating than the electrical store, but that might have been because they were about to take considerably more money off of me in terms of rent etc.

My eyes watering and my debit card limply smouldering in my purse, I walked away with the keys to my new place and my newly signed tenancy agreement, thinking that it would be a good idea to move some of my things in that night. Bear in mind that I’d had a hectic day at work, it was nearing the evening and that there was only little old me, a carful of stuff to shift, and a rather steep set of stairs in front of me. After the first ten journeys up and down my new stairs I’d pretty much given up the will to live. I dumped everything in the corner and went home with my tail between my legs and my hair all sweaty and damp.

I set my alarm to go off at 6am the next day and shot out of bed like a spring lamb. Ok, so I crawled out of bed grunting and groaning like a cavewoman, but that’s beside the point. I still had a ton of stuff to pack and cart to my car (whose poor shock absorbers were set to take one hell of a beating that day) before my sister came round to help transport and deliver everything from one place to the other.

I think I ACTUALLY broke my sister....

I think I ACTUALLY broke my sister….

Waiting for the cable guy to come

Waiting for the cable guy to come

This is where I slept the first night in my new home....

This is where I slept the first night in my new home….

Sweating like pigs and grunting like goats (such a delicious description of femininity don’t you think?) it took us nearly two hours to hump everything up to my first-floor flat (or apartment if you’re from the US). My poor sister nearly died in the process of getting everything shifted and we hadn’t even managed to start unpacking anything yet!

Many hours, a McDonalds lunch, and much sweat later, we’d finally managed to get everything unpacked and placed at least somewhere (it might not have been the right ‘somewhere’ but by early afternoon we’d stopped caring about that kind of thing). I then realised I’d left a number of items off the list of ‘essential requirements’ for moving home. But that’s for another post….

The engineer for my cable TV, phone line and broadband services arrived early afternoon and was efficient in getting me up and running as soon as possible. My service provider had cut me off the day before in order to switch everything to my new home, meaning that I’d spent the night battling with an awful 3G connection trying to write emails, respond to tweets and comments etc. with a less than reliable mobile internet connection.

The engineer unnerved me slightly when he mentioned that he recognised me from the school we both used to go to. He seemed to know both my sister and I, yet we had no idea who he was! I started getting visions of Jim Carrey in ‘The Cable Guy’ as he told us both how he knew of us and remembered us quite clearly.

I then had to sit on my blow-up camp bed waiting for my fridge freezer and washing machine to be delivered which didn’t actually turn up until nearly 5pm. One of the engineers asked me to show him where I would like my washing machine and then gave me a pained look and told me they wouldn’t be able to install it. My face fell and he obviously took great delight in getting me to fall for what must have been a pretty old joke for him by now.

I had the last laugh when he and his colleague then had to hump my goods up the steep flight of stairs and into the flat itself. After less than thirty minutes, my washing machine was up and running and ready to go. I’d been advised to let the fridge freezer stand for two hours before turning it on, so I spent the first hour catching up on emails and loving the fact that I now had the fastest broadband connection like….ever.

I also wrote myself a shopping list of the kinds of food items I’d need and once completed, I put my shoes on, got my bag ready and then decided I needed to nip to the toilet before I left, And that’s when things started to go terribly wrong…..


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10 responses to “The Day of Reckoning – Moving Home Part 4

  1. Moving is always exciting/dreadful! Congratulations on your move, hope your new place is nice. The fast internet alone is a huge plus. I’m living in 1999 over here. I’ve moved several hundred times and I’ve found that doing something like buying yourself flowers, hanging a picture, putting down a new doormat, or a wreath on the front makes the place feel more special and less empty! Happy unpacking (another ‘joy’ of moving)!

    • I can see now why people don’t move all that often, it is WAY too stressful!

      I’ve got the place looking quite nice now and the 5G broadband is definitely a big plus for my new home. I’ve found myself getting into scented candles, I like to light a couple each evening and watch their flickering glow across the room. I also bought myself a doormat the other day to make it properly feel like home! 🙂

  2. This is hysterical! I’m getting great enjoyment from your humorous retelling of the events of your move. Your poor sister – she does indeed look ‘broken,’ you hard taskmaster! How strange (and potentially funny) that the cable guy remembered you, but that the opposite wasn’t true. What were you up to in school that made you so memorable?? And good grief, Heather! What a place to end your update… master of the cliffhanger, also, I see. 🙂 Look forward to seeing what next occurred!

    • Hi Kate,

      I’m glad that you find my travails amusing, I’m not sure I found things quite so humorous at the time they were happening….

      My poor sister did a lot of heavy lifting that day (as did I, I may add) but I treated her to a McDonalds for lunch for her efforts 🙂

      The cable guy freaked me out a little bit and the thought that he knew where I lived didn’t exactly set my mind at ease…. I have no idea how or why he remembered me, I must have been one of the most boring and straight laced students at the school.

      And yes, I left it on a cliffhanger….MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 🙂

  3. Haha! Remind me nit to visit during major project week…
    Or I will and possibly stand up to your demands. LOL
    Can’t wait to hear more….
    Audrey xxx

  4. How on earth can the store say that you can’t arrange a delivery slot after you’ve paid for the goods, but if you cancel the order and get a refund, you can arrange a slot provided you do it before paying? What utter tosh. That is the kind of inflexibility and contempt for customers that should lead to a business failing!
    Well done on arriving where you have now, but I’m dreading part five!

    • Thanks Keith 🙂

      I know, it makes absolutely no sense, does it?

      Suffice to say, I shall not be using that particular electrical store again. After spending a considerable amount of money with them, you’d think that they’d be more accommodating wouldn’t you?

      Part five should be ready for posting on Saturday and I’m sure that you’ll get a chuckle out of how horribly wrong things went that first night….. 🙂

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