Internship Update – Heather B. Costa

An update on the intern process for you all 🙂

Don Charisma

Heather, our technical writer intern has kindly sent me over an update.

I feel it’s important to keep readers updated on how it’s going, and so Heather can share what experiences she’s had in our intern program.

Heather’s words :

“Heather here again to give you all an update on what’s been happening during the last few weeks. Lots has been going on behind the scenes as Don and Danny ready the first few articles for publishing on the site.

As well as researching and writing the articles, there are lots of other elements to consider before piece is ready to post, such as its layout and any graphics that will be used to illustrate the points raised in the article.

In addition to first drafts, there are several rounds of editing whereby words, sentences, and even paragraphs are tweaked or rearranged so that we can publish what we all consider…

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2 responses to “Internship Update – Heather B. Costa

  1. You’re doing swell! Keep up the good work. ❤

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