Spinning Plates

I’ve been described as an Energizer Bunny (thanks Kate Loveton!), highly caffeinated (yes, I’m looking at you, Chris Musgrave….) and a whole host of other adjectives in between, but I guess the point they’re all trying to make is that I like to have a lot on my plate at any one time.

Just another day at the office for Heather B. Costa....

Just another day at the office for Heather B. Costa….

Instructions: Remove cup and replace with mouth.

Instructions: Remove cup and replace with mouth.

It’s certainly nothing to do with short attention spans (I certainly hope not, anyway!), or getting bored with a project easily, it’s more to do with the fact that I like to keep myself as busy as I can for as long as I can.

I’ve already been felled by the flu this year and picked up a nasty cold only a few weeks ago, many would say that I’m pushing myself too hard and ultimately making myself ill. While there may be some truth to their words, I simply cannot sit still and do nothing.

‘The Devil makes work for idle hands.’


If I’m not neck-deep in a project I often find my mind wandering to places that will invariably lead me to trouble of some sort – just ask poor Kate Loveton!

Kate will often get a healthy dose of sledging over the latest standings in the MLB East Division standings when I find myself at a loose end. Granted, I don’t really understand the rules of baseball all that much, I just know it’s a good thing when the Orioles lose and my beloved Yankees win!

Kate, your Orioles couldn't hit one of these things even if it was the size of a basketball!

Kate, your Orioles couldn’t hit one of these things even if it was the size of a basketball!

As much as I would like to pass myself off as a po-faced and serious writer, beneath all my earnest meanderings is an infantile sense of humour and a love of the double-entendre. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve leaped on an innocent comment and shot back with some sort of ribald retort. I just can’t help myself; I’m discovering the adolescence that I lost all those years ago.

The best way to keep myself and my childish fingers out of trouble is to concentrate my efforts on something a little more serious and high-brow – that way I don’t find myself apologising for inadvertently upsetting someone with what I intended as a humorous remark.

I do this by taking on a number of projects all at once, such as the fact that I’ve recently received a hefty promotion at work, moved home, and won the much-coveted position of being Don Charisma’s intern. That’s a lot of plates to spin at the same time and I haven’t even mentioned the fact that I’ve been writing a series of posts on the subject of moving home, taking part in a flash fiction competition while also trying to work on my hotly anticipated debut novel…..

Like all respected writers, I do it by candlelight....

Like all respected writers, I do it by candlelight….

Some may call me foolhardy, others may admonish me for taking on too much, while others may shake their heads and label me a glutton for punishment. At the end of the day, I like to keep busy and constantly be on the go as it keeps my mind from turning to something negative to myself or slightly naughty toward others.

Writing is damned hard work and it seems logical that you’ve got to put yourself out there, put in the hard yards and hopefully reap the benefits of it afterwards (if you haven’t had a coronary by that point, that is). So here’s my attempt at slogging my guts out, trying to make even the smallest of dents in the writing world and keeping my euphemistically inclined fingers out of trouble.

Trust me, your Twitter feed will thank you for it.



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34 responses to “Spinning Plates

  1. This was a funny post to wake up to this morning. Made me laugh (I’ll pass over the aspersions cast against my Orioles, ahem!). You are indeed the Engerizer Bunny, always moving along at warp speed while I am left spinning in (and coughing) the dust left by your wake. But it’s a good dust! 🙂

    Fortunately, as the old song goes, ‘they gotta an awful lotta coffee in Brazil,’ so I’m assured of the continued enjoyment of watching you cruise along like the good ship Enterprise, charting out new lands and encountering new civilizations, all created of your own making – thanks to the overly caffeinated synapses of that wonderful Costa brain.

    Thank God for coffee plantations!

    Anyway, it’s sure to be great fun! 😀

    • I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post, Kate and thank you so much for not wanting to hunt me down and kill me re the aspersions I cast against your baseball team! 😆

      You know, of it wasn’t for the invention of caffeine I’m not sure I would be half as productive as I seem to be now. I guess I’m one of those folks who can’t sit still, but bizarrely barely moves once asleep.

      Caffeine is indeed my rocket fuel, if we ever run out of coffee beans then I’ll be in a hell of a lot of trouble….

  2. Reblogged this on Odyssey of a Novice Writer and commented:
    Here’s a funny blog post to brighten a Sunday morning. My friend, Heather Costa, often exhausts me with her ability to move from this project to that with lightning speed. She doesn’t have blood in her veins, but 100% strong, black coffee (none of that sissy decaf stuff for her!). I think a little of her speed and fast-forward movement comes through in this post, and humorously, at that. I think her remarks will make you smile, and after reading them, I’d like to encourage you to spend some extra time at her blog, Trials of a Wanna-be-Published-Writer, for more of the same. She’s funny, sensitive, bright – and, in case I failed to mention it, a terrific writer. But you’ll discover all that for yourself – so, go, have some fun.

    One thing, though – just ignore her remarks about the Orioles and her undying passion for the Yankees. Nobody’s perfect, not even Heather… although she comes pretty darned close.

    Now, go, enjoy!

  3. Go go go go go go go. Go.

  4. Hehehe i am often jumping onto innocent comments and making them naughty. The difference is, I don’t try and stop myself from doing it! (go on… you know you want to make a saucy comment on that last bit…) If you were po-faced then you would not be you. That would be bad. You can be a serious writer without being serious. Ask Chris Musgrave. He does it all the time! (Oops! i did it again…..and again.) I also like to be busy, but sometimes i am busy in a cafe with a drink, doing nothing but eavesdropping on conversations and writing little character profile pieces from ‘randoms’ I see on the street. It’s still doing something, but at a relaxed chilled pace. As long as you aren’t stressing yourself then be as busy as you want. (Refraining from a ‘get busy’ comment here.). It’s if you are not happy, because you are so busy, that you need to take a step back and look at what you are doing.

    • Oh I love being busy, Naomi – mainly because it keeps me out of trouble! 🙂

      For anyone who knows me in a professional capacity, I often come across as serious and no-nonsense, until you get to know me that is. I have a filthy sense of humour and love twisting the innocent comments of my colleagues in order to entertain myself.

      After all, we love doing it, don’t we? :p

  5. Woah…. Are you a professional writer?… I really liked they way you have written… Especially the last sentence… Hands off…

    • I’m trying to break into professional writing, does that count? 🙂

      I’m writing some technical articles for another blogger by the name of Don Charisma and I’m hoping this is something I can do more of.

  6. If life (and death) has a sense of humour then so should the humble writer. Enjoy what you do, laugh at yourself and others, and more than anything, be yourself in your writing. It’s the only way to success 😉

    I love reading your stories and posts, and I’ll be the first in the queue when your lightening brain finally hits the last button on the novel. Thanks for keeping me laughing and smiling.

    • You’re very welcome Chris, I’m very happy to hear that I can make you laugh and smile 🙂

      I think a sense of humour in this life is extremely important. There have been so many times that I’ve felt my only option was to laugh, otherwise I would have cried and likely not been able to stop.

      I’m working on the novel (as well as a dozen other projects!) whether anything comes of it remains to be seen….

  7. Giggle, giggle, giggle…you’ve got this, Sister! xxx

  8. I admire your ability to take on so much! 😀 I have to concentrate on one project at a time, or I easily get side tracked.

    • I never seem to make life easy for myself by just doing one thing at a time – why do one job when you can do a dozen? 😆

      I think keeping myself so busy is an ideal way of keeping my naughty mind and fingers out of trouble….

  9. Heather, oh my goodness. You are a busy girl. I have a good friend that used to call me the energizer bunny. Post-children thought, not so much anymore. But man, I’m telling you, when I was in my 20s, I really was an energizer bunny. Congratulations, by the way, on your promotion. Good for you. My family and I will be traveling to Canada this week and I’m going to seriously seek out as much as possible when it comes to working with my son and seeing how the schools are working with Aspies.

    • Thanks Staci! 🙂

      The promotion was the culmination of a number of years of hard work and now means that I will be in a better position to bring about positive change for the people I work with and make sure that their rights, choices and views are heard by the people around them.

      I hope that things are going well in regard to your son getting the educational support that he needs in order to flourish. With you in his corner I know that he’ll be able to achieve that.

      • Thanks Heather. I just arrived in Canada last night. I’m going to be seeking out information while I’m here. Specifically about how to help his teacher in Brazil with working with him and adapting for him.

      • I hope it goes well for you, Staci 🙂

        You know, if you ever visit England I would be more than happy to show you the kinds of work we do over here for people with learning disabilities. The company I work for is a national leader in excellence in that regard and our main focus is to push for greater understanding in as far as society understanding and supporting autism and aspergers is concerned. We believe that nothing is impossible, one of our main goals is to seek new ways of helping those with such conditions lead the same kind of life as those around them.

      • Oh, that would be great. If I ever do make it to England I will definitely take you up on the offer. I can tell that you are outstanding in you field and really believe in what you put your heart into.
        Thanks Heather. I really appreciate it.

      • You’re more than welcome, Staci 🙂

        I am passionate about what I do and I’m always happy to lend an ear or offer advice if I can. We need greater understanding and acceptance of such conditions in society and if I can help just one person then I’ll have made a difference and that means the world to me.

      • Awesome. We need more people like you. Thanks a ton. I really appreciate you.

      • Thank you, you too Staci! ❤

  10. My mom always says, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”

    And I think this is true to some extent. When I have a million things to do I have a prioritized list that I follow because I have deadlines. I have to find a way to get all these things done. When I have a slow consulting month and nothing to push me, it can take me a week to make a simple dentist appointment.

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