The Final Farewell – Moving Home Part 7

Dinner with my mother and aunt went surprisingly well. I think they were a little taken aback by how I’d transitioned from living at home to living on my own so easily. Although one could feel slightly insulted by the fact that their loved ones doubted their ability to cope, it’s a nice feeling to know that you’ve proved them wrong.

The day after I’d moved in I had worked a night shift. The day of my little soiree would be the first time that I’d ever used my new cooker (the furthest I had got the two days previous was to use the toaster and microwave).

Perhaps I had been spoiled by the large gas oven in the family home, had its efficient cooking capabilities lulled me into a false sense of security?

In truth, it probably had. I have a little electric cooker with a gas hob and found out that night that a gas oven is a hell of a lot more powerful than my piddly little cooker! What should have taken twenty minutes took closer to forty to cook and it was a good job that I’d had the presence of mind to lay ‘nibbles’ on the table in the living room to keep my guests hunger pangs at bay.

Let’s be honest, my flat is pretty small, it was hardly going to take me very long to show them around it, was it?

Despite an unsightly pile of DVDs and books in the corner, I thought the place looked pretty good and kind of homely in a ‘first time living on your own’ kind of way. Thankfully, my guests agreed.

When the pizzas I’d purchased had actually cooked, we had a pleasant meal, a few laughs and a promise of doing the same thing again soon. Get me, my first dinner party!

My professional career kept me pretty busy over the next couple of weeks, my first day off was taken up mainly by the task of ringing up everyone that I’d ever held an account with to notify them of my change of address. There are so many different people you have to notify when it comes to moving home that I had to write an exhaustive list to ensure that I didn’t forget anyone. Honestly, I have never made so many phone calls or posted as many letters as I have in the last four weeks!

That’s pretty much where my story of moving home ends. For the most part, I am unpacked, settled, and truly enjoying my new-found freedom as an independent adult. Although I managed to catch a hideous cold only days after moving in, even that couldn’t take the shine off of the experience as a whole.

I now have a place that I can call my own, a little hideaway from the rest of the world, and a place that I can sit back and unwind. I might have had kittens while in the thick of it, but moving into my own place has been the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Stress of actually moving aside, I’d recommend it to anyone (especially if you can get someone to do all the hard work for you…..)

And here, for your visual enjoyment, are a few more photos of my home:

Keeping to the furniture theme....

Keeping to the furniture theme….

As if I needed an excuse to buy more books....

As if I needed an excuse to buy more books….

Look, it actually stands up....

Look, it actually stands up….

Getting there....

Getting there….

Flat-packed furniture - all in a day's work for HBC....

Flat-packed furniture – all in a day’s work for HBC….

This actually saves on electricity bills....

This actually saves on electricity bills….

Because who wouldn't want to nail their loved ones to a wall?!

Because who wouldn’t want to nail their loved ones to a wall?!




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6 responses to “The Final Farewell – Moving Home Part 7

  1. Your home looks so nice! And now you have an excuse to buy more books – you have to fill that new bookcase, right? 🙂

    Now you’re all squared away and can enjoy your little ‘hideaway.’

    I’ll miss these posts about your moving experiences, but I’m sure you’ll have more updates in the future for us about ‘Life at Costa’s’ – and I’m looking forward to them. ❤

    • Thank you, Kate!

      I’ve found myself strangely drawn to soft furnishings these past few weeks and I’m beginning to think that maybe it’s the start of growing old….. My mother said it is because I am making the place my own and adding my own little touches to it that make it unique to me.

      Case in point: I bought three little cacti to sit on my kitchen window sill this morning. I’d been itching to get a house plant since I moved in and thought the cacti would be ideal, seeing as I often forget to water plants….. 😆

      I’m sure there will be updates to the ‘Life at Costa’s’ in the future. Perhaps I could do one about hanging pictures or painting walls? Ah, the possibilities are endless….

      • You should get a jade tree / plant – they’re similar to cacti, and very pretty.

      • I have to admit that I am probably the least green-fingered person you’re ever likely to meet. I figured that a cactus would be able to survive my absent-mindedness when it comes to actually looking after the darn things….

        I like plants, I just forget to water them a lot of the time! 🙂

  2. Very sharp looking place, Heather! I am impressed. And your first dinner party, without a trouble. Congratulations. Hey bloggers, start sending Heather your books so she can fill her new shelves. Maybe she’ll review your book, too …

    • Thanks Mark! 🙂

      I’m quite happy with the overall look of the place now and have spent more money than I should have buying soft furnishings, candles, photo frames etc. to put my own little touches on it.

      Even though it’s only been a month, I feel as if I’ve lived here forever and I’m genuinely happy to live on my own at the moment.

      And bloggers should definitely feel free to send their books my way, I’m always happy to read and post a review on my blog 🙂

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