Wanton Desires.

I’ll be honest with you, I tended to be more of a thigh man, but there was something about these breasts that caught my eye.

Believe me, I knew more about breasts and thighs than most men put together. I could tell from ten paces whether they would meet my needs.

But I’d always preferred thighs. I don’t know why, but there was something so much more inviting about the thigh, the way the flesh gripped the bone, the rounded summit and the tapered base. I found it….inviting.

I’d been around a lot, I’d seen things in my time that could make your grandma’s hair curl. I kid you not when I say that I’d seen some big ones in my time, but this one….this one was huge.

My mouth fell as my eyes took them in. They weren’t just breasts, they were massive breasts.

What would I do if I ever got the chance to get my hands on them?

Those breasts….they held such potential. I had to make them mine, there was simply no other choice.

Sinking my hand in my pocket, I pulled out a wad of notes. It came down to money at the end of the day – it always had done. The more money you had, the more likely you were to get what you wanted.

Sweat peppered my top lip as my eyes darted between my money and the glistening breasts that were on full display. The way the light reflected off of the juicy pink flesh, they were calling to me…..

You want me, feel me, touch me…..

And I would.

I knew that, once I’d got my hands on those breasts, I could bend them to my will. I could knead them, shape them, revelling in the feel of the softness of the flesh upon my own.

I didn’t want to take my eyes off them. They were so plump, so rounded and well-shaped that I felt my mouth watering at the prospect of bringing them closer to my mouth. To taste them would be to taste a small piece of Heaven.

Thighs became a forgotten thought. Thighs were nothing compared to the breasts before me. Thighs seemed gristly in comparison to the undulating feel of a full breast beneath my fingers.

My heart sank when another man raised his hand, trying to stake a claim on what I’d already decided was mine. I couldn’t lose to this man, the breasts before me had bewitched me completely. I couldn’t go another day without touching them, tasting them….

I found myself in a battle, but one which I was determined not to lose. Eventually I arose victorious and finally….finally the breasts were mine!

“You really like them breasts, don’t you?” my competitor asked.

“Is it obvious?” I responded, rather embarrassed that I’d been so transparent in my desires.

I couldn’t wait to get home, to get my hands on them in the privacy that we both deserved.

Besides, they’d make a lovely curry all chopped up with some Indian spices.

Many thanks go to Thain in Vain for allowing me to choose this week’s prompt: “I’d seen some big ones in my time, but this one…..this one was huge.”

With such a risque prompt, you didn’t really expect me to come up with something straight-laced did you? 🙂


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29 responses to “Wanton Desires.

  1. I just nominated you for a Character Blog Hop. Here’s the link:http://wp.me/p2DFYz-W3. You don’t have to do anything but I hope you’ll join in and have fun!

  2. This was awesome 😀 Had me chuckling!

  3. Glad you went there, Heather! This was a really playful read that took me from strip club to meat counter! Thanks! Thanks for the prompt! It’s been a blast! TiV

  4. LOL…but all along I thought it was about fried chicken. The southerner in me. Giggle! xxx

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  6. I knew you would hit us with a double entendre and was not disappointed. As a breast man myself, I can totally relate.

  7. Made me laugh, Heather! Great job, and a nice punch at the end. I got a huge chuckle. 😀

  8. LOL. Some sexy chicken breasts. That was too funny. 😀

  9. With a title like “wanton” desires, I’m surprised you didn’t want to stir fry those breasts. Excellent tale. Very well done. This was a difficult prompt but well worth it. Lucy

    • Thanks Lucy 🙂

      I felt that I’d kind of painted myself into a corner by giving TiV this prompt but I did my best to make a humorous story in the spirit of the rather naughty-sounding prompt itself.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed it! 🙂

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