Why I’m Thankful For the World Cup

It’s official. England are already out of the World Cup after only two games – a new record in a line of embarrassing failures for our national football team.

Let’s be fair, they were a young and fairly inexperienced team who did show a few glances of promise, but we were never going to win the damn competition by any stretch of the imagination.

Another competition, another nation of tattered hopes and shredded dreams. But we do live in hope that perhaps one day our football team will be good enough to actually get past the second round of a tournament.

Our supposed ‘golden generation’ failed at every major tournament and while we’ve got some exciting players coming through, we don’t have the strength in depth of the Germans, the nous to win at any cost like the Italians, or the natural flair of the Brazilians.

Let’s face it, England will never be good enough, not while we have so many foreign players in our Premier League. Only approximately 25% of the footballers who play regular first team football in England’s top flight are English and/or British (i.e. Welsh, Scottish etc.) Now wonder England can’t win a major international tournament if half of our squad can’t even get into their club teams.

The Premier League is considered one of the most exciting, physically demanding, and entertaining leagues in the world. So how come our national football team is so poor?

Well, if I had the answer to that one I’d be the England manager, not some desperately broken-hearted fan watching the team play through the tiny gaps in my fingers as they cover my face.

Watching England play is painful, yet so many of us choose to believe that we can actually string a decent run of performances together. We want so much to see England do well that we kid ourselves as to the team’s ability. We believe, we hope, we pray, yet we always end up disappointed.

So England are out, but the good news is that I can watch the rest of the World Cup and actually enjoy it.

As you may have guessed, I find nothing more exciting than watching fit young men skilfully play with their balls. The great thing about the World Cup being held in Brazil is the time difference, which means that I can go to work/do my chores/sit and write etc. until late afternoon and then enjoy an evening of back to ball football (and maybe a few drinks as well).

I do enjoy watching the World Cup, especially when I have no vested interest in any of the teams. I can watch the games purely as a spectator and marvel at the sight of hunky men with their balls between their feet.

I may not know the ins and outs of the offside rule, but I do know a fit footballer when I see one:

Diego Forlan (2) giroud or_81d5742d128585796925272

These are only three of the fit men playing in this summer’s World Cup and what fun it is to see them playing with their balls and/or getting their tops off every time they score.

As an admirer of balls and a fan of fit men, I thank you!


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8 responses to “Why I’m Thankful For the World Cup

  1. I wanted to write an in-depth comment on why I was thankful for the World Cup, too… but then I got distracted…

    Lord have mercy! 😀

    Yeah, might be my favorite blog post all year… just sayin’…

  2. In a fiendishly good way! 😀

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