Thoughts for Friday – 25th July 2014

I’m sure that anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis will know that I have a rather infantile sense of humour. Any mention of balls, rods, breasts etc. and I’m there making a tawdry comment about it. Yes, it may be childish, but that’s what makes it funny…..I think.

Kate Loveton will tell you that I love a good double entendre and we’ve spent many hours discussing the number of ways that one can get themselves in trouble with what initially appears to be an innocent comment. In fact, the other day I told Kate that here in the UK we call a specific breed of wild birds ‘tits’. These curiously named little birds are known as chickadees in the US, but I tend to think our word for them is better. Imagine the comments you could make just by slipping the word ‘tit’ into your conversation….. My uncle did that once at a family gathering at his house, in a room full of people he remarked that, ‘you get great tits around here.’ Of course, he meant the bird, not his neighbours and their ample cleavage!

So now that we’ve ascertained that certain parts of me are still very firmly childish, I guess I better get to the point of the post and the quote I’ve chosen this week. I’ve gone on and on about the tough years and I’m sure you’ve all heard enough of that to last a lifetime, but I found this quote particularly inspiring because, although I may be slightly childish in my humour, I do think it’s vital that as adults we don’t lose sight of who we were as children.

When you’re a child the world is a wonder just waiting to be discovered. Growing up from an infant, to a teenager and then a young adult truly is a voyage of discovery and probably the only time in your life that you’ll experience all manner of things for the first time. Because children are a blank canvass waiting to be drawn upon, that which we have not already learned we tend to make up using our imagination.

Some children have more of an imagination than others and I know that I for one spent many of my days alone in my bedroom with my imagination and the friends that I created there for company. When I unleashed my imagination I could remove myself from the reality of my childhood and went on so many wild adventures that it would have made Indiana Jones green with envy. In my imagination nothing was impossible – I could be whoever or whatever I wanted to be.

I find it sad that, when many of us grow up, we lose sight of that sense of wonder when we look at the world. Instead of the summer holidays and the adventures that used to last forever, we become consumed with paying the bills, going to work, making ends meet and providing for our families. We become so caught up in being an adult that we forget what it is to be like a child.

Holding on to your inner child while life becomes increasingly demanding is hard, but I agree with the sentiment of the quote. Creative adults need to have that child-like wonder about the world they live in. There needs to be some part of them that still yearns to let their imagination run wild, creating fanciful stories to enchant themselves and others. How boring would it be if those creative adults had lost touch with their inner child, would we all be reading books on mortgages and finances instead?

Yes, we can put the past behind us, but we must also remember to hold on to those bright spots along the way. As tough as it was, there were still times in my childhood when I was happy and most of those were when I was in the grips of a fantasy that my young mind had created. My inner child is many things, but she’s mainly my source for inspiration and my creative outlet (even if she does laugh at vaguely rude-sounding words). We’ve stuck together this long and I’ll be damned if I let her go now.




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11 responses to “Thoughts for Friday – 25th July 2014

  1. I will eternally be as curious and creative as I was as a child. To be otherwise is unconscionable. πŸ˜‰

  2. πŸ˜€ i love this quote. There is one random, totally non-important thing about adults that really bugs me. When you say “Guess what?” Hardly anyone guesses!

    A friend of mine says it all the time and he loves it when i make the weirdest most outlandish guesses i can think of at the time. He says nobody has ever actually guessed before and he thought nothing of it till i showed up and blew his mind with random guesses about adopting pet dragons and winning the chance to be King of England for a day. It got to the point where he’d ask, and then not actually have anything to tell me. He just wanted to hear what i would come up with this time.

    The other side (the bit that bugs me about adults) is when he talks to his girlfriend:
    Friend: Guess what?
    Girlfriend: What?
    Friend: No, you’re supposed to guess
    Girlfriend: Just f**king tell me.

    I am ashamed to say i laughed when he told me about that but I really do think it is a shame that a lot of people wouldn’t even entertain the idea of guessing what someone wants to share with you.

    • I completely agree, I think we’re far to quick to remove ourselves from what or who we were as a child. I like nothing better than to get stuck in silly childish conversations with people and in fact they have led to some of the most deep and meaningful conversations you could have as an adult.

      There’s already too much to get depressed about in this world, I think if we all embraced our inner child a bit more it would make life more bearable πŸ™‚

  3. You’re right, holding onto that inner child and the wonder and excitement it brings is one of the most important things in life πŸ™‚

    Great post!

    • Thank you ❀

      I think it's best to hold on to your inner child, you're a long time old that's for sure so we might as well make the most of being youthful (in whatever form) while we can! πŸ™‚

  4. Well, I guess you know my point of view on all of this since we spend a lot of time giggling over the silliest of things. πŸ˜€ Humor does get all of us through the rough spots. I sometimes think laughter is one of the greatest gifts that humans have been given; a good laugh can make a bleak day a whole lot better.

    I liked the quote and this post a great deal…

    And I’m eagerly awaiting the day when in a meeting with lawyers, I happen to look out the window and see a pair of chickadees, and can exclaim enthusiastically, ‘Hey guys, wanna see a large pair of tits? Come look at these!’ How disappointed they will be to discover it is just two birds I’m referring to…

    • I like to think that I enable your inner child to come out and play, Kate πŸ™‚

      I agree that laughter is one of the best things in life and something that you can never get too much of. As for the meeting with the lawyers: record it and put it on YouTube, this is one thing I MUST see!

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