Why We Write Our Stories

Kate once again comes out with a fantastic, informative and thought-provoking post. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy reading this 🙂

Odyssey of a Novice Writer


This past week I took a risk and wrote a short story that I’d been thinking about for some time but had been reluctant to tackle. The story, Novocain, dealt with a subject no one likes to discuss: the sexual abuse of children.

Several years ago, a longtime friend shared with me that she’d been sexually abused as a child. I remember my feelings of shock and revulsion that anyone could have subjected my friend to such horror when she was just a little girl.  I knew her parents – or so I thought. Yet I never suspected that my friend had endured the emotional pain of sexual abuse during her childhood. But she did – and years later it still continues to affect her. My friend is a happy woman. She has a good life, a loving husband and children, a rewarding career. But the memories linger, and she felt the need to…

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