Kitty Kidnap

I want $200,000 or the kitty gets it.

I found the note tied to a brick on my front lawn. I had to admire the kidnapper’s ability to throw a heavy brick that high and far over the walls surrounding my property.

My lip curled in anger. Someone had taken my precious Peaches!

My little kitty went everywhere with me, her ginger fur matching this season’s latest trends when it came to fashion accessories. Everyone had a kitty in their handbag; you simply weren’t one of the in crowd if you didn’t.

I bet Molly Mayberry had something to do with Peaches going missing. She always had been jealous of me since we were children. She never liked the fact that I wore the best clothes, that I married William McTravers III. Everything I had, she wanted.

Her mangy cat looked ugly next to my beautiful Peaches. I had to laugh when, at a function held by Susan Ferris, her flea-ridden feline urinated in her Gucci handbag. Molly was the talk of the high society circuit for weeks – and for all the wrong reasons.

I didn’t feel the need to stifle my mirth as I watched her storm from the garden party, screaming at her valet to take her home. She’d deserved everything she got that day.

But she’d looked at me with murder in her eyes. I brushed the thought off until two days ago when Peaches was nowhere to be found. She and I had an important function to go to; it simply wouldn’t do to go without her.

I had no choice in the end, but for the whole afternoon I felt as if I were the odd one out. All of the other women were looking at me in the way I’d looked at Molly all those weeks ago. I knew then that she had something to do with Peaches disappearance.

There was no point in confronting her about it, she’d deny all knowledge and insist that I was lying to make her look bad. I knew that she was involved; she’d have done anything to get back at me and would have no qualms about taking what was mine.

She could have had my husband had she asked, men like Bill were ten a penny and I could find another rich benefactor in an instant, especially with my looks and figure. But my Peaches, she was irreplaceable and Molly knew that. I swore that I’d make her pay if anything happened to Peaches, I’d scratch her eyes out and rip the collagen-enhanced fillers from her face if she’d laid a hand on my precious girl.

It ate at me to pay the ransom, yet I wanted Peaches back so badly it hurt. I left the money in the agreed spot and was told to wait for further instructions.

Then I heard the doorbell. Sat on the stoop was a pink box, a bow tied neatly on top. I opened it and screamed.

My Peaches. Dead.

Written in response to Thain in Vain’s Week 31 prompt: A woman’s cat goes missing. Two days later she receives a ransom note.



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21 responses to “Kitty Kidnap

  1. Am I a terrible person for laughing at the death of Peaches?

  2. Deb

    Not sure I like the ending…poor Peaches!

  3. What a delightful tale of revenge!! And loved the twist at the end! Cats as accessories-haha!! Nice work, as usual!! TiV

  4. Ohhhhhhh, poor Peaches. Poor owner of Peaches. But I’m telling you, that’s a heck of a lot of devotion for a kitty eh. Heehe.
    Great story Heather. You kept me attention well.

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  6. Poor Peaches!

    Brilliant story though 😀

  7. Anjana

    Cats as accessories, an amazing approach to the prompt.
    Loved the twist, didn’t expect it at all. 😀

  8. A humorous tale of vengeance! Poor peaches… she should have been born a chihuahua, still portable but due to her species safe from this week’s prompt! I enjoyed this!

  9. Oh, Poor kitty. How could you do that Heather? Fix that right now. Okay, maybe I’m over-reacting. Good take on the prompt, though you did kill Peaches. Isn’t it amazing how these stories we write seem real to the readers? That’s good story-telling when you get a reaction like mine about Peaches.. Sorry, I was ill for awhile and I’m trying to catch up on my reading. Well done, Lucy

    • I’m sorry to hear that you were ill, Lucy, I hope you’re felling better now.

      I must apologise for killing Peaches but I just couldn’t help it (I’m a dog lover!)

      I think one of the great things about fiction is its ability to grab a reader and bring them into the story world and make it seem so real. Perhaps that’s why so many people like to read?

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