The Power of Friendship

The wonderful Kate Loveton asked me to guest post on her blog this week:

Odyssey of a Novice Writer


Firstly, I’d like to thank the wonderful Kate Loveton for asking me to guest post on her blog. Some of you may know that Kate and I have a friendship that transcends blogging and writing, she’s my closest friend, confidant and all-round guardian angel. We’re as close as any sisters could be and we talk on a daily basis, mainly through email, cheeky tweets and every fortnight through the medium of Skype.

I guess it was fate when our paths crossed two years ago. If it hadn’t been for a particular set of circumstances we may never have known that the other existed. Had things been different I would have missed out on meeting one of the most important people in my life – a thought that shocks me at times. Kate has done so much for me, more than I could ever repay and it frightens me to think…

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