A Token of My Love

She looked so disappointed. I gave her a doleful look, tucking my tail between my legs.

She’d had a rough week at work; more often than not coming home in a foul mood. It was like she no longer had any time for me. Where had the fun in our relationship gone?

I used to be the one to bring her comfort, the one to bring her joy. Now she looked at me as if I were nothing more than an annoyance.

“I swear, Boyd. You have ten seconds to give me that or you’re gonna be in a world of trouble.”

I tried my best not to whine. She hated it when I whined and saw it as a sign of weakness, something she would pounce on if I gave her half the chance.

I could tell she was angry by the look in her eyes, it was enough to make my own hackles rise in response. I took a step back, shoring my defences in preparation to stand my ground.

“You think this is funny?” she barked at me. I resisted the urge to bark something back at her.

No, I didn’t think it was funny. I’d been trying to do something nice for her. My intentions had been good when I’d found what I’d been looking for.

I’d spent all day hunting down the prized possession I would give to her when she returned home and now she was looking at me as if I’d just shit on her cream carpet.

My grip on the object tightened as she took a step toward me. A low growl escaped my throat as I warned her without words not to come closer.

Why did she have to be so damn ungrateful?

I put up with a lot of crap, yet I’d always been unswerving in my loyalty towards her. Sometimes I wondered what I saw in her. She kept me on such a tight leash when all I ever wanted to do was run free.

The days that I wanted to escape were tempered by the days when she actually showed me a little love and affection. I would fall for her tricks each time and then she’d return home from a bad shift hounding me, telling me how bad I was.

It was enough to give me pause for thought.

Maybe if I showed her how much she meant to me she’d stop treating me as if I were some kind of pest to be swatted away when she felt like it. That had been my plan when I ventured outside the door this morning.

She’d hit me before I even realised what was happening. I couldn’t help the yelp that escaped from my mouth.

“Bad dog!” she scolded, “How many times have I told you not to bring this crap in the house?”

I slunk my way to my bed, lowering myself down with a whine.

I’ll teach her tomorrow when I shit on her precious carpet!


Written in response to Thain in Vain’s Week 34 prompt: “You have ten seconds . . . “




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14 responses to “A Token of My Love

  1. Excellent stuff, Heather. Now I feel bad about shouting at Trevor (my JRT) yesterday.

  2. Aw, poor little pug! He was just trying to win some affection!

    What a dear, cute story – and just the photo to accompany it, too. I loved this!

  3. How delightful! Dogs would sell their wee souls for us! And glad to here he’s going to take it out on the cream carpet! Great work! TiV

  4. I feel so sorry for that dog! But great ending 😀

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  6. I loved the way you parsed out the clues and I was still surprised to find out that I was right! Well done.

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