Thoughts for Friday – 26th September 2014

I thought I’d change things up a bit this week and try something different. I’ve been thinking about zodiac signs and what they represent when it comes to a person’s personality and characteristics. Many people put a lot of stock into star signs and what they can tell us about a person and so I’ve selected a few quotes that I found about my own star sign to see whether or not I conformed to those characteristics.

Born in the middle of October, I am very much a Libran and people have often complimented me on my ability to see both sides of an argument (as long as I am not the one in the middle of it!) Perhaps that’s why the star sign for a Libran is a set of scales – we are the most balanced of all the star signs. Or are we?

e121ce6424b5b0c1dd630e2599a4f105I’ve truly lost my temper perhaps once or twice in the last ten years, and I have to admit that my display of anger has been a sight to behold. It tends to go unnoticed when I am upset or unhappy as I will often smile and internalise those negative feelings and turn them toward myself instead.

I’m not a confrontational person and would much rather walk away and be left to stew in my own juices than get into a stand-up argument with someone. I have always feared that getting angry will make me seem as if I have a bad attitude or that I am not a nice person. My self-confidence is such that I would rather be treated unfairly by someone and say nothing than stand my ground and risk losing their good opinion of me.

I have a pretty long fuse when it comes to my temper and it takes a lot to make me truly mad. However, when I unleash my fury it is not a pretty sight. The last time that I truly lost my temper I left a large hole in my bedroom wall when I threw something with all my might. When my patience has snapped, I will turn bright red and literally shake with rage. Anyone within a 500 yard range should run for cover….

be0efc033ac4bb8bc57dcd1892795bdaAlthough it may be a failing of mine, when I love someone, I love them with everything that I have. I don’t expect you to be perfect, but I do expect you to treat me with dignity and respect. Librans are peacemakers and are therefore quite tolerant of the faults of others, but the one thing that I cannot stand is someone who hurts me continuously.

There is only so much ill-treatment I will condone before I decide to cut you out of my life. I would like to think that I am fair enough to give everyone a chance to prove their worth and I would even accept a person and their failings, knowing that they were working hard to change those negative aspects of their personality.

I can forgive past hurts, as long as there is a promise that such things will not happen again. But I cannot forgive someone who hurts me repeatedly and almost willingly. I have tried to make peace with some of the people of my past, but they continue to treat me badly and I will no longer tolerate that kind of behaviour from them.

0cc10ad011912b6d3f01b64aba87f307Perhaps it is wrong of me to admit that this, more than any other characteristic, is the one that I like the most about myself. Librans are non-confrontational and therefore not outwardly rude to anyone. Yet Librans have a way of insulting people without the receiver even realising it.

A while back I had tolerated some pretty poor treatment from someone I thought I respected. For a time I sat back and said nothing, continuing to be polite and courteous each time I came into contact with them. But, as the previous section suggests, there was only so much I would tolerate before I bit back.

Rather than flying off the handle and hurling insults, I took my time to comp0se my thoughts and feelings, wording them in such a way that, even though the person knew that I was giving them a righteous dressing down, the manner in which I did it left them little recourse to pull me up on it. I didn’t scream or shout, I didn’t swear or throw things. All I  did was convey my point in a manner that allowed little opportunity for the other person to hit back at me. And you know what? They never did speak rudely to me again after that….

6e23484669c404cc9bb98b2d41916271Some folks have found this last point out to their cost recently. After years of being treated badly by someone important in my life, I finally pulled the plug on our relationship earlier this year and haven’t looked back since. I put up with a lot; I made concessions; I made compromises in order to maintain a relationship with someone who had so little respect for me that they continued to treat me like dirt.

I have only been brave enough this year to finally say that ‘enough is enough’. Without warning or explanation, I cut all contact with this person and have not spoken to them since. And how did they react?

Well, like a child in a tantrum if I’m being honest.

I haven’t seen or heard from this person since I severed contact and that’s fine by me. I’ve spent too long waiting for them to be something they’re not and I refuse to waste any more time on them or their stupid games. I just hope that the person in question knows that once I walk out, I never look back.




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6 responses to “Thoughts for Friday – 26th September 2014

  1. Sometimes you just have to recognize when enough is enough and then you have to have the courage to close the door. Not an easy thing. Takes a lot of courage to do that. Very brave of you – and very wise. I liked your exploration of Libran traits and your recognition that you share many of the traits of that sign of the zodiac. A very interesting post!

    • Thanks Kate! ❤

      I thought it would be fun to look at some traits that Libras are known to have and see if any of them fit me. Imagine my surprise when I found that quite a few of the quotes rang true to me!

      Thoughts for Friday is undergoing something of a transformation at the moment and my column will soon be heading in a new direction….

  2. I know little about star signs and doubt that they truly tell us truths we don’t already know, but the quotes you found certainly seem to have resonated with your experiences. And as for the last section – good for you! We have a tendency to be hard enough on ourselves without letting others in on the act too. I feel positive times ahead for you!

    • Thanks Julia! 🙂

      I’ve never really given that much thought to star signs before I came up with this post, and I only did so because my eye caught something about Libras on Pinterest. The more I looked, the more I found about character traits and how quite a fee of them seemed to fit me.

      These past few months have shown me that I am good enough and that if people want to treat me badly or put me down, they’ll soon realise that I won’t tolerate it anymore.

      I sure hope you’re right re positive times ahead! 🙂

  3. OMG, I also have put holes in the wall when I’ve lost my temper. If I remember correctly, it was my fist and not from throwing something. Or maybe I did both. It was a long time ago. hehehe
    Thanks for sharing more of yourself with us Heather.
    🙂 ❤

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