Ode to Johnny Sunset

Kate Loveton proves that there simply is no end to her talents as a writer. Check this great piece out!

Odyssey of a Novice Writer


He was six foot four, and mean and trim
He had a scar which traveled eye to chin
Carrot hair with eyes blue ice
But the ladies thought him mighty nice
All aflutter, they’d gather round
And welcome Johnny Sunset
When he came to town.

Yeah, they’d all simper in their pretty gowns
When Johnny Sunset came to town.

He was a righteous man, pure of heart
Hired to finish what evil men start
He’d practice quick draws right at sunset
At dawn he’d shoot, gaining him the epithet
Of Killer Angel of Tumbledown
That was Johnny Sunset’s name
And he wore it like a crown.

Yeah, Killer Angel of Tumbledown
Johnny Sunset’s old hometown.

He was sure and brave when he came to Boulder
Feared no man, nor looked over his shoulder
The Dry Gulch Boys were nothing but trouble
Johnny swore those boys would die in the rubble

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2 responses to “Ode to Johnny Sunset

  1. It was so nice of you to share my attempt at an ‘ode.’ 😀 It was great fun to try to channel Johnny Cash!

    Thanks! ❤

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