Thoughts for Friday – 17th October 2014

largeWinter. I hate it.

While some folks might enjoy the crisp mornings and the cold bite in the air, I hate it. With a vengeance.

I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very pale complexion – hardly things that make me suitable for summer and hot temperatures, but I’ll take humid conditions over the dreary and depressing grey skies of the winter months. Now before you get all pedantic on me, I know it’s not even winter yet, but it is October and that has seen a sharp change in the weather in the UK.

winter-depressionOur ‘Indian summer’ buggered off at some point at the end of September and has been replaced with cold and wet weather and the most awful grey skies. Even worse, the mornings are darker and the evenings much shorter. I’m not much of a morning person at the best of times, but it’s a lot easier to drag your weary carcass out of bed when it’s not freezing cold and pitch black outside….

But in line with my ‘new year, new you’ philosophy I told myself, “Heather, fight against the ides of winter, laugh in the face of snow/wind/rain/hailstones. Show winter that you’re not going to be beaten!” Fortified by such chest-thumping self-talk, I grabbed my iPad, purse and coat and started walking to my local coffee shop. And do you know what happened?

As soon as I set out (well, about 500 yards into my journey actually) the skies turned dark and grey and the heavens opened. I got soaked, and by the time I made it to the coffee shop I was damper than an otter’s pocket, grumpy and depressed. Not even a large hot chocolate could lift my winter blues. What made it worse was that I ventured back outside when the rain appeared to have stopped only for it to bucket it down when I was halfway home again.

No offense Mother Nature, but you’re kind of being a bitch to me at the moment…

rainNot only does it get darker and colder at night, we’ve also had a lot of heavy rainfall in the last few weeks in the UK. Again, I was foolish enough to think that I could outmaneuver the weather and stay indoors, wrapped up snug in a large fluffy jumper while stuffing my face with Reece’s Pieces (thanks for that Kate!)

Staying in worked fine and dandy until last Sunday when I woke to find the ceiling in my hallway dripping with water and rivulets of the stuff running down my walls. Not content with catching me outside, the bloody weather has now decided to invade the inside of my home as well.

Another factor that Mother Nature doesn’t seem to consider is that, as my hair is naturally frizzy and uncontrollable, I spend up to 30 minutes a day with a pair of straighteners trying to control my unruly tresses. It’s fine in the summer when my hair stays lovely and straight, but the damn wet weather plays havoc with my hair and I find myself going to ridiculous lengths just to keep it dry. Also, winter does nothing for my sense of style when it comes to clothes. I find myself wearing thick wooly jumpers, hats and boots all of which hardly lend themselves to looking all that attractive.

If I’ve not made my point clearly enough by now, let me remind you that I HATE WINTER!

hibernating-bearNow if you don’t mind I’m off to hibernate for the next four months. Wake me up when it’s March, won’t you?


Who hates winter too?



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17 responses to “Thoughts for Friday – 17th October 2014

  1. Thank you for that hilarious post!! I laughed and chuckled all the way through it. I live in Canada…where winter is pretty cold. We bear it but we love to complain about it! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! ❀

      We here in Britain love to complain about the weather. In the summer it is too hot for us and in the winter we complain that it is too cold. We are NEVER happy! πŸ™‚

  2. I hate winter too. I suffer from S.A.D and have to take vitamins through the winter to ensure i get enough vitamin D. Being a Brit means i am not stupid enough to think that the sky will be anything but varying shades of grey for the entire of Autumn and winter so i know i won’t be getting any from the sun.

    My body also decides that i should only be up when the sun is. If it’s dark i should be asleep. In the summer than means i live off 4 to 6 hours sleep and i am fine and dandy and leaping about like a cute little goat kid. In the winter, my body refuses to wake with anything that remotely resembles energy unless i have slept for at least 10 hours. Yes, TEN.

    I would be more than happy to hibernate till spring too.

    • I tend to think that I have a touch of SAD about me but it is not something that has been formally diagnosed. I tend to feel very down and lethargic in the winter months and really struggle to get any kind of energy or enthusiasm to do much.

      I am like you in the summer months in that I can survive on relatively little sleep, but the dark mornings and evenings make me feel as if I could sleep all day long.

      The more I think about it, the more hibernating through the winter months sounds like a good idea! πŸ™‚

  3. Ohhhhh noooooo. I’m with you Heather. I am not a winter person at all. We just finished our winter and I’ve been a very happy camper with our spring weather (29-35 degrees). When I read about you going out to a coffee shop, I thought, “there you go. That’s a great idea.” I love coffee shops. And then ‘BOOM’ you laid that damper out about the rain bombarding you. So sorry to hear that, my friend. I hope things start looking up for you.

  4. Forgive me, but I laughed hugely at your misadventure with the coffee outing! Which then turned into a warm-your-chilled-bones hot chocolate outing. I am imagining you accessing iPad and sipping chocolate in the midst of a huge puddle! βš‘οΈβ˜”οΈ

    What a funny post – much funnier than winter, which I hate. We are supposedly due for a repeat of last year’s weather debacle. Sigh…

    Great post! ❀️

  5. So, I take it you’re not too keen on winter? I’m with you when it comes to getting up and going to bed in the dark; I’m sure no one was designed to do that; hibernation definitely sounds more than appealing. However, I do love snuggling in front of a log fire whilst watching an old film. And then there’s Christmas, which I love. And homemade soup. And great big jumpers. And one look in my wardrobe reveals my favourite colour as grey …

    • Erm no, I’m not a huge fan of winter, I’ll be honest! πŸ™‚

      The human body is designed to only function in daylight hours ( this is my excuse and I am sticking to it!) and it is definitely unnatural to get up when it is still dark outside. For some reason, my boss doesn’t seem to see things the same way I do….

      I love log fires (but don’t have one) and homemade soup (which i used to make a lot of) and I love any excuse to get my dodgy Christmas jumpers out (the dodgier the better!) But the rest of winter? I HATE it! πŸ™‚

  6. Here in my new home surrounded by woods, I am appreciating fall more than usual. Usually I can’t even enjoy the fall colors as it just reminds me of impending snow and COLD…. this year I’m at least appreciative of the colors but….. ugh… YES. I hate winter!

    • Thanks for commenting! πŸ™‚

      I am so relieved that I am not the only person who has a dislike for winter! I like autumn and the falling of the leaves, but the wind, snow and rain of winter, along with the dark mornings are something I can do without.

      Roll on spring is what I say! πŸ™‚

  7. Adan Ramie

    Yikes! I guess if the wet winter was attacking me, I would hate it, too. That being said — I love winter! I can’t wait for a cold, dreary, and most of all LONG winter. Then, I live in Texas, and I only have about two months of winter to look forward to after three seasons of summer.

    Best wishes that you won’t have to keep dodging winter’s onslaught too much longer.

    • Thanks Adan!

      Here in the UK, are weather is unpredictable at best. Take yesterday for example, on Oct 31st we had one of the warmest days on record for the end of October at a balmy 23C (not quite sure how much that is in Fahrenheit!) but for us it was unseasonably warm and sunny. Today is much the same and it is now 1st Nov when the temps should be about 12C.

      We’ll have this good weather for a couple of days and then it will suddenly turn again and become horribly cold and wet. The cold is not my biggest bugbear, it’s the rain that plays havoc with me! I straighten my hair everyday and yet one or two drops of rain can turn my carefully-straightened hair into an afro of epic proportions!

      Just give me summer any day! πŸ™‚

      • Adan Ramie

        It sounds like you’re describing the southeast portion of Texas. That’s just the same kind of nonsense we deal with on a daily basis. The day before yesterday we were all sweaty in shorts. Today I have on several layers and I feel like I might just freeze to death. I’d just love to see defined seasons; even if the temperatures are harsh, at least I would know what to prepare for in advance!

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