Lonely Hearts

The very wonderful Kate Loveton did me the great honour of choosing one of my stories to continue for this week’s TiV prompt.

Check out her story (it’s way better than mine!):

Odyssey of a Novice Writer


He’s downstairs waiting for you,” said Dad, balancing on his cane.

He was Danny, the terrific guy I’d managed to snag thanks to an online dating service.

“You going out again? You were just out the other night. This fellow is rushing things… doesn’t he have anyone else to spend time with?”

Dad’s tone was disgruntled. Illness and old age had made him waspish.

“I won’t be out late, Dad. I’ll be home in time to say goodnight.” I finished brushing my hair and glanced at the mirror. I’d never be beautiful, but the face that smiled back at mine was pretty – full of happy anticipation.

“I don’t like this online dating stuff,” said Dad. “Back in my day, we met people at church or through family. We sure as hell didn’t meet ’em on some machine!”

Dad had been one of the reasons I’d looked into an…

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