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Thoughts for Friday – 5th June 2015

After a week of feeling as if Birmingham was my new home, I took advantage of delivering sessions that were much closer to where I live, and for a week or so I was able to sleep in my own bed.

Happy-and-excited-dogs-Funny-dog-compilationOh the excitement!

As much as I enjoy staying in various cities and hotels, the lure of my own creature comforts is too strong to deny for long. The only downside of not staying overnight in a hotel is that I have to make my own bed each morning, as well as doing all the cooking and the washing up…What was it that I was saying about enjoying being back at home?

The venue I delivered my sessions in was only a 25-mile journey that, on a good day, would take me no more than 40 minutes to get to. Things went relatively smoothly the first day, I made it to the venue in good time to set up and feel relaxed in my surroundings before any of the delegates arrived.

fanikatun2013_074The second day saw things get much worse.

I had left early due to a well-known traffic-snarl that gets exceptionally busy at rush hour and had almost snuck past it when everything ground to a halt. After twenty minutes of going almost nowhere, I soon began to realise that this was more than just a ‘weight of traffic’ situation. It took me nearly an hour to go just over two miles due to a two-car accident in the fast lane that had blocked two of the lanes of the motorway. Once I got past the scene of the accident, I think I might have gone slightly faster than necessary on the rest of my journey!

I had hoped to arrive before any of the delegates and, apart from one very keen person (who must have loved my teaching style), I managed to get there before the group as a whole started arriving, although I’d cut it much closer than I would have liked.

You expected me to find the most phallic-shaped crystal, right?

You expected me to find the most phallic-shaped crystal, right?

I’ll admit that I also felt quite nervous on that second day, due to a loss of confidence the day before, and so being delayed by an hour was hardly an ideal start to the day. It just so happened that I had been chatting to one of my delegates about my new role and during our discussion she noted that my self-confidence had taken a knock. This particular delegate was a keen study of holistic therapies and healing crystals and offered to lend me her Citrine crystal which is known to be linked to feelings of positivity and confidence.

I held the crystal in my hand in the sessions after lunch and I have to admit that my confidence and positivity had certainly gone up a notch or two. The group also seemed to respond very well and there was lots of laughter and good fun throughout the afternoon. It seems as if the healing crystal worked and I was so impressed by it that I’ve ordered a set of crystals for myself so that I can carry them with me when I deliver my sessions.

After finishing that week on a high, I got hit with the mother of all migraines. I’ve suffered with these debilitating headaches for years now, usually I have at least a month or two in between attacks and so this one took me by surprise. I began feeling slightly unwell on the Wednesday and had a feeling that it could be a migraine, so I took some strong painkillers and got an early night hoping that I could sleep it off before it turned into something bigger.

It didn’t work.

2189803492_8ef3b28667I woke up the next morning feeling worse than when I’d gone to bed, and for the following four days I felt awful, spending most of my time sleeping or just lying very still and trying not to vomit everywhere. No matter how much I slept, the migraine stuck to me like doggie doo-doo on a shoe.

I had hoped to get a fair bit accomplished on my five-day break from work, but four of those days were spent feeling pretty damn sorry for myself. Even when the migraine lifted, I was stuck with what is usually termed a ‘migraine hangover’, whereby I felt pretty worn out and generally quite sluggish. After days of not eating much, I also found myself with an odd craving for anything sugary, which apparently is not uncommon for migraine sufferers.

MjAxMi01NTEwM2U1YWM4NDBhOTc5Another strange thing about my migraines is that after they and the ‘hangover’ have lifted, I tend to feel quite euphoric and full of energy, which is the exact opposite of how I feel when I’m in the middle of an attack. I tend to get cravings for foods that I know are high in sugar, fat and/or calories and I guess that much of this is to do with the fact that I’ve probably lost a few pounds over the course of the attack by eating next to nothing and, now that I can stomach it, my body wants to refuel.

article-0-0D739ED4000005DC-836_468x449There is another, more unfortunate side effect of my migraine attacks, related to bowel movements and high-strength painkillers, but I shall spare you the details and just say that the two don’t mix.

I’m pleased to say that I am migraine-free for the time being and will soon be writing about my return to Nottingham, or as I call it: ‘The Search for Robin Hood Part 2’. I also have a delightful (depending on how squeamish you are) little tale of resuscitation dolls and how they got their face, but that is a story for another week.

Stay tuned as the Trials of a Traveling Trainer continue…



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Please Stand By….

3ae610a18aa12ce2cf59e021fa184908 Apart from a couple of my regular scheduled weekly posts, some of you may have noticed that I’ve been absent from blogging on the whole this week.

Unfortunately I have been struck with the mother of all migraines for the last several days and am only now slowly returning to some sort of normality. I did attempt to comment on a few posts on Tuesday (although I could have been writing unintelligible rubbish for all I can remember). I’ve not looked at a blog post or responded to any comments on my own since that time.

Please know that my lack of response has purely been because of illness and I apologize for falling so badly behind on my blogging duties. My inbox is chock full of emails and going through all of them, responding and commenting when appropriate, is taking more time than I expected.

If I follow your blog then you already know that I think you’re doing a darn good job, but I promise that I will catch up with reading new posts, commenting and liking, in the coming days and weeks until I am completely up to speed once more.

This week I have done nothing except sleep and vomit, but at least this has provided me with the chance to get to know my toilet bowl on a much more personal level. We had some interesting conversations at as I hunched over him at 3 am…..

Sick DogFood has not been my friend over the past several days and even the smell of something cooking was enough to send me running to the bathroom. I even had someone ask me if I might be pregnant to which I replied, ‘I kind of wish I was. At least after nine months of this I’d have something to show for it!’

Alas, I am not pregnant, just a sufferer of the beastly condition known as a migraine. The piercing wail in my ears, the fuzziness of my vision, the inability to move my head without wanting to vomit and the continuous feeling of having your head slowly squeezed in a vice is not something I’d wish on an enemy (not that I have any of those!) Anyone who has had a migraine will tell you how debilitating they are and how you can do nothing apart from lie very still in a very dark room and hope that it passes quickly.

Suffice to say that I am over the worst and working hard to get back to fighting fitness. Normal blogging will resume shortly…..



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