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Thoughts for Friday – 29th May 2015

I left last week’s Thoughts post on a bit of a cliff-hanger didn’t I?

I know, that was terribly mean of me, but I needed to give you at least some small reason to come back this week!

waitingI believe I left the story at the beginning of what was meant to be a three-day training course that would see me become a qualified First Aid instructor. There we were, my two colleagues and I, patiently waiting in a hotel conference room, wondering why we had gotten to the venue before our trainer (it’s always considered bad etiquette if your learners turn up before you do). We sat and waited.

And waited.

Finally, there was a knock on the door and a very apologetic member of the hotel staff informed us that our trainer would not be turning up today. At first we worried that they’d had an accident on the way to the venue and were concerned for his safety. Our concern for his well-being was reduced quite dramatically when we learned that he was somewhere in Essex and had no idea that he was meant to be delivering a session to us in Birmingham.

phone-call-fearsAfter many apologetic phone calls later, my colleagues and I were told to sit tight and make use of the conference room, even though our instructor would not arrive until the following day. Left to our own devices, we could have got up to all sorts of things, but like the good employees we are, we actually spent the day working on course presentations (and filling our boots at the lunch buffet which had already been paid for).

Cadbury%20Webstory1Sadly, our manager had vetoed my suggestion of visiting Cadbury World which was only a few miles away from the training venue. She seemed to think that we were far too well-paid to spend a work day getting our jollies at Britain’s most famous chocolate factory. I used my innate charm and yet still our manager held firm. I even offered to buy her a mound of chocolate but it was no use, she wasn’t budging.

So what do three people who don’t know each other very well do when placed in a conference suite and left to their own devices? Well, we all work in social care and so it wasn’t very long until the conversation turned toward vomit, bowel movements and that kind of thing. No high-end conversations for us, no-siree…

I have to admit to being slightly annoyed when I was informed that my colleagues and I would all have to return to Birmingham on Sunday night to complete our course. We were told that the trainer definitely would turn up on Thursday and Friday but that we would have to come back the following week to complete the last day.

This doesn’t sound too bad until you factor in that it would see me driving 450 miles in three days, which, even for me, is a little excessive. There wasn’t much I could do about it anyway and so I consoled myself with the fact that my mileage expenses would look pretty rosy after all that traveling.

Puppy-LoveAfter a week of staying in the same hotel, I was running the risk of becoming part of the furniture and greeting many of the staff on a first name basis. However, there was one member of the hotel staff that both myself and one of my colleagues had our eye on: a gorgeous hunk of a man called Jermaine. This guy was an Adonis and on our return to the hotel on Sunday, I bet my colleague that Jermaine would remember me. Sensing a challenge, my colleague aimed to do everything he could to get Jermaine to notice him on our last night at the hotel. This may or may not have included both of us gawping at his perfectly-formed derriere as he leant over the bar on the Thursday night…

I ended up the victor when we reconvened on Sunday night as I gleefully told my colleague that Jermaine had personally shown me to my room.

“How in the ‘ell did ya swing tha?” my colleague said in his deep Yorkshire accent.

I would have loved to say that it was by natural beauty and feminine charms, but it was actually a case of my room key not working. Still, I made the most of the opportunity to rub my colleague’s nose in it a little….

nothing-takes-the-taste-out-of-peanut-butter-quite-like-unrequited-loveTo be honest, I think I might have scared Jermaine off with the conversation we had while I was checking in. Jermaine asked me if I would mind an adjoining room and I replied by saying that I would only agree if the door remained locked and no one could get into my room. Jermaine assured me that this was the case and I was happy with that until a thought crossed my mind…

“Actually,” I said. “It depends on who is in the next room. If they’re cute then they can come right in!”

I wiggled my eyebrows salaciously at Jermaine and it was probably at this point that I lost my chance with him.

Still, I will be back at the very same hotel next month and have another chance at getting Jermaine’s number. I just hope he hasn’t gone running scared and quit…



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Thoughts for Friday – 24th April 2015

number 200Last week’s post saw Trials of a Wanna-Be Published Author reach a very special landmark:

200 posts!

I’m not sure which is more surprising, the fact that I have managed to come up with 200 posts, or the fact that people are still reading them. Let’s be honest, I think I came across as a little too earnest in my early posts and looking back on them, it does make me cringe a little. Thankfully (or hopefully) I’ve hit my stride and am now using my blog not only to chart my journey as a writer, but also to chart my journey as a person.

Anyone who has read my blog on a regular basis will know that the last couple of years have seen some major changes in my life. I went from living at home to living on my own, I’ve had job promotions, tried internet dating, and I am now studying and practicing to become a teacher/trainer in social care. More often than not, I’ve blogged about all of these things.

To celebrate my 200th post, I thought it would be fun to see just what I have been blogging about in the last 18 months. The vast majority of my posts can be attributed to my Thoughts for Friday series, a long-running series of posts that are….um….posted on a Friday and consist of my…..er…thoughts. These posts started out quite earnest in their style and sometimes a little twee. I hope that the last few months has seen the series being given a new lease of life as I now write the posts with less of an eye to writing and with more emphasis on the weird and wonderful place that my life has become.

flash-fiction-badge-survived1I also took part in Thain in Vain’s FFC52 challenge in 2014. Although I didn’t submit an offering for every week, I did manage, more often than not, to post something pretty much every other week. Although my initial efforts were a little lame to say the least, I would like to think that I wrote one or two passable flash fiction stories during that time. I would like to write more short stories, but time has not been much a friend in that regard lately.

I’ve also posted a number of essays, originally on writing and what it might take to break into publishing and then, as time wore on, essays on such things as balls, rods, miscommunications and language differences. I’ve also written a number of guest post for my dear friend Kate Loveton, who has been kind enough to feature me on her wonderful blog a number of times over the last few years.

When time has allowed, I have also turned my hand to writing book reviews. I have been lucky enough to have been able to read all of Shannon A Thompson’s fantastic YA novels and have reviewed each of them on my blog. I would like to read and review more books, but once again, lack of time is a significant issue for me at the moment.

writingI’m aware that I am not posting as regularly as I used to and this is something that I hope to address in the coming months as my work schedule slows down a little (hopefully!) For those of you who are interested, I spent most of last week in Luton and then Southampton. This week sees me closer to home and commuting to work each day, while the following week I will be away for three or four nights in Haywards Heath. Hopefully, something wild/wacky/crazy/frightening/hilarious might happen and will provide me with some good blogging material that I can then use as the basis of a witty post. Failing that, I shall just have to make something up…


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