Writing resources

Here are some links to websites that I have found useful on my writing journey so far:

nanowrimo.org  – Home of the National Novel Writing Month. A great competition that I hope to enter next year.

writersbureau.com  – This site has some interesting articles and I am considering signing up for one of their courses in the future.

WritersRelief.com  – A site that has numerous helpful tips and articles, links to these are tweeted daily from their Twitter account.

writersandartists.co.uk  – Another good site full of useful hints and tips for budding writers.

https://www.writers-online.co.uk – A popular UK-based monthly publication that covers pretty much every area of writing. Lots of leads, hints and tips.

http://www.dailywritingtips.com – Subscribe to their daily email delivered to your inbox with lots of hints and tips on the more technical aspects of writing.

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